Picture start.

imga11It’s been so much fun writing about movies at 50 Westerns From The 50s. Cowboy movies, that is. And after almost five years, I figured it was time to branch out a bit.

For this new blog, I wanted a name that served as an in-joke, lifted from some old film I love. Afghanistan Banana Stand, from The Hot Rock (1972), was taken. Pacific Edible Seaweed Company from It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) was too long. Mayor Of Shark City, a line from Jaws (1975), just seemed weird, as did Half-Ass Astronaut from the same movie. Broadsword Calling Danny Boy, from another favorite film, didn’t do much for me. And I realized that the research station in The Thing (1951) isn’t called by name. Then into my head popped the Hannibal 8.

Things’ll get underway soon.



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2 responses to “Picture start.

  1. So cool! Looking forward to checking this out regularly!

    Best wishes,


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