Coming Soon: The Jack Webb Blogathon.


The Jack Webb Blogathon is coming up, October 17-19, a celebration of Webb and his huge, and hugely influential, body of work.

Here’s the MO:
• Pick a Webb-related topic: TV, movies, radio, books, personal life, newspaper strips, toys, whatever
• I’ll be working day watch at Write to let me know you want to be part of the lineup, what subject you want to investigate and when you plan to post it. The articles and/or reviews can be in any form, of any length, and on any topic as long as it relates to Jack Webb, but I’d like to manage things a bit to make sure we don’t end up with 714 posts on Dragnet and nothing on cool stuff like Adam-12, Emergency! or Project UFO.
• Write and post your piece on your scheduled day, using an official Jack Webb Blogathon badge (below, huge so you can size ’em how you want). Thanks to my great friend Tomas Gardner.
• Send me the link so I can post it on the master list.

There’ll be a Blogger’s Choice award, too. We’ll call it “The Big Prize.”

OK, everybody. Get typing.


Jack Webb Blogathon VERT

Jack Webb Blogathon HOR


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2 responses to “Coming Soon: The Jack Webb Blogathon.

  1. Hi! Great event! If available I’d love to write about Webb’s short-lived 1951 radio program, “Pete Kelly’s Blues” on my Classic TV Blog, HOW SWEET IT WAS. Let me know if that’s acceptable. 🙂



  2. Super Excited!!

    -Suzy Dragnet


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