Blu-ray News #7: At The Earth’s Core (1976).

At the earth's core 8mm

Directed by Kevin Connor
Director Of Photography: Alan Hume

Starring Doug McClure, Peter Cushing and Caroline Munro.

I was 12 when At The Earth’s Core (1976) arrived at the Village Twin here in Raleigh. The perfect age. The previous AIP/Amicus/Burroughs film, The Land That Time Forgot (1975) starring Doug McClure, had been cool, but this one was even better, since it added the great Peter Cushing, more cheesy monsters, some underground mutants (Sagoths) and Caroline Munro to the mix.

It’s an absolute masterpiece of dumb fun. And Kino’s bringing it to Blu-ray in January, 2015, with plenty of supplemental stuff:
• Audio Commentary by director Kevin Connor
• New on-camera interview with co-star Caroline Munro
• New on-camera interview with director Kevin Connor
• Original theatrical trailer

ATEC Cusing Munro



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2 responses to “Blu-ray News #7: At The Earth’s Core (1976).

  1. This is really cool news ! Walter from Scorpion is releasing this AIP stuff through Kino (they just came out with Bloody Mama) and has said that if these sell well more coming down the road. I believe Hollywood Blvd. is coming at some point. Caroline Munro in HD !!


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