Blu-ray News #10: Tales From The Crypt (1972) And The Vault Of Horror (1973).

Vault of horror TFC2 ad
With Tales From The Crypt (1972), one the greatest cinematographers who ever lived, Freddie Francis, directed a handful of stories from those wonderful EC comic books. It did well, so Amicus put together a similar picture, Vault Of Horror (1973), this time directed by Roy Ward Baker, who did the best Titanic movie, A Night To Remember (1958). Vault Of Horror was at some point re-released as Tales From The Crypt II.

Whatever you want to call them, they’re both coming to Blu-ray as a double feature from Scream Factory. And they’ll be here in time for Christmas.

TFC Joan Santa

Tales From The Crypt
Directed by Freddie Francis
Starring Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Patrick Magee, Sir Ralph Richardson

This one adapts five EC stories as a group of strangers wind up in a mysterious crypt and learn how each of them died. It does a good job of capturing the lurid EC feel. Francis makes sure we have plenty of strong images — like the biker skeleton and Peter Cushing coming back from the dead (below), and they’ve been stuck in this 70s monster kid’s head for over 40 years. Good stuff.

Vault Of Horror
Directed by Roy Ward Baker
Starring Dawn Addams, Tom Baker, Denholm Elliott, Curt Jurgens, Michael Craig, Terry-Thomas

This one’s not quite as stylish as Tales From The Crypt, but it’s a solid anthology film. The fact that they stuck to actual EC stories assures you of icky, creepy fun. And Terry-Thomas is always worth watching.

This Blu-ray was originally announced for release around Halloween, but Scream Fatory held it back in order to secure the original uncut version of Vault Of Horror. The new date is December 2.

TFC PC comes back


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