Screening: Tarantula! (1955) and The Fly (1958).


Jack Arnold’s Tarantula! (1955) and Kurt Neumann’s The Fly (1958) will infest The Carolina Theater this Friday, December 5.

Tarantula! is one of the best of the big-bug movies of the 50s — I’d give the top slot to Them! (1954). The Fly put Vincent Price on the path to becoming a horror icon. If nothing else, we should appreciate it for that. But there’s so much more to it than that. As most of you probably know, they’re both absolutely essential.



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7 responses to “Screening: Tarantula! (1955) and The Fly (1958).

  1. john k

    Yep! The German Koch Blu-Ray of TARANTULA! is totally essential
    too-and it’s in the choice of two ratios to boot!
    It’s kinda weird that lovely Blu Rays of these cult classics are surfacing
    in Europe rather than the Home Nation!
    Just picked up the French Blu Ray of THE LOST WORLD (1960)
    and it’s a total stunner!
    Loved the bit where THE FLY’s Al (David) Hedison shoots the
    giant spider.
    And how about the lovely and very mysterious Vitina Marcus (aka
    Delores Vitina) Vitina plays a “Native Girl” in THE LOST WORLD and
    she was a sort of Irwin Allen favorite.
    I first encountered this lovely vision in an episode of HAVE GUN WILL
    TRAVEL where she plays an Apache princess. I see from imdb that
    she forsake acting to become a property developer. She is also a
    Vegetarian and committed animal rights activist
    She also had a daughter from a fling with Rory Calhoun (Athena
    Marcus Calhoun) Rory,understandably was very keen that they
    should get married but it never happened.
    Rory strikes me as a red meat eater if ever there was one 🙂
    I was thinking about posting the stuff about Vitina over at FIFTY
    WESTERNS OF THE FIFTIES with the Rory connection and all,but
    decided to do it here instead.
    BTW Toby finally got to see REVOLT IN THE BIG HOUSE…..
    loved it!


    • Glad you liked Revolt In The Big House. There’s nothing better than a good, solid, cheap, short 50s genre movie. I prefer Westerns, but they’re all good.

      I want that German Tarantula Blu-ray so bad I can taste it — and spiders don’t taste so good.


    • Richard Oravitz

      This past Halloween I played TARANTULA and THE MOLE PEOPLE while the kiddies came around for treats, Turner had on REPULSION at that time which didn’t seen to fit the event so I had to improvise… Can’t do much better than two John Agar Universal Monster Movies!
      And it’s pretty sad that many of our genre favorites get better releases overseas. Got to shell out for a new multi-region player I guess, though I keep hoping for renewed interest on the home front….
      That’s why I’m still waiting for Season 2 of the restored ONE STEP BEYOND series to appear any minute now for the last five or so years!


  2. john k

    I’m pretty sure,one day Universal USA will release a lavish Blu-Ray
    Box Set of all their Fifties Creature Features.
    Sadly,I’m too long in the tooth to wait so I cannot resist these German
    There is always a market for these things and always new generations
    of kids who seem to like them as well!
    Even at the tail-end of the cycle lesser films like THE LEECH WOMAN
    were actually pretty darn good.


  3. john k

    The very wonderful Coleen Gray has a fondness for THE LEECH WOMAN
    as it’s the only film she made where she got top billing.
    B Movie great Gloria Talbott said she only did the thing because her
    daughter wanted a horse for her birthday.
    Actually the aforementioned Vitina Marcus has a fun website.
    There is a lovely photograph of a still very handsome Rory Calhoun
    with their daughter Athena.


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