DVD News #13: The Black Scorpion (1957).

Black Scorpion LC

Directed by Edward Ludwig
Director Of Photography: Lionel Lindon

I’m really excited about this one. Right after mentioning Tarantuta! (1955), we get The Black Scorpion (1957). Another big-bug movie, another Mara Corday picture. And that, my friends, is always a good thing. Richard Denning c0-stars, and Edward Ludwig also directed Wake Of The Red Witch (1948).

The old DVD was OK, but it was full-frame. And that really, well, bugged me. But now Warner Archive’s got it, and they’re offering it up widescreen. Place your orders with confidence. You won’t get stung. (Couldn’t resist all the bug puns — blame it on too many issues of Famous Monsters.)

Black Scorpion LC 2



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3 responses to “DVD News #13: The Black Scorpion (1957).

  1. john k

    Yep! I too noticed that the Archive version is in widescreen and
    I’m on-board for the upgrade.
    I first saw the film when I was 14 at the Ritz Cinema in Balham,South
    London double billed with ATTACK OF THE FORTY FOOT WOMAN.
    I remember Mara Corday saying DOP Lionel Lindon was hitting
    the bottle pretty heavy when they made it;after all he’d just finished
    Lionel also worked a lot with Edward Ludwig on all those Pine-Thomas
    flicks that I love so much!
    THE BLACK SCORPION is my third fave giant bug movie after THEM!
    and TARANTULA!
    BTW Warners when are we gonna get the Blu-Ray of THEM!


    • My favorite bug movie list is exactly the same as yours. And though it’s in the #3 slot, The Black Scorpion is a very cool movie.

      Your Lionel Lindon stuff brings up a great point (not the drinking part), and one of the reasons I love these B movies so much: that these guys were pros and they WORKED, so you go from an epic (and eventual Best Picture) to a B&W movie about giant bugs.


    • You’re right, a Blu-ray of Them! would be most bitchin. Perhaps our bug-friendly friends at Warner Archive…


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