RIP, Rod Taylor.


Rodney Sturt “Rod” Taylor
(11 January 1930 – 7 January 2015)

Hated to see that Rod Taylor passed away. It’s baffling to me that he never became a big-time movie star. It certainly wasn’t because of a lack of good movies: The Time Machine (1960), The Birds (1963, below), The Glass-Bottom Boat (1966) and on and on. There’s a bunch of ’em.

One that I only discovered last year, Dark Of The Sun (1968, above), is just astonishing. It’s available from Warner Archive, and I’d put it near the top of the list of 60s action films.



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2 responses to “RIP, Rod Taylor.

  1. John Hall

    The fight scene in DARKER THAN AMBER between Taylor and William Smith is a great one. I’d love to see it released someday. Ditto to THE HELL WITH HEROES with Claudia Cardinale and Peter Duel.
    I saw DARK OF THE SUN six times at area theatres when first released in ’68 and plan on watching it this evening along with an episode or two of BEARCATS.


  2. Richard Oravitz

    Although he was so very good in so many different movies (as well as genres) Rod Taylor, for me, was most memorable in THE TIME MACHINE and THE BIRDS. I will miss his (as well as Jim Garner’s) presence. It’s all closing in on us way too fast….I read somewhere that Taylor whooped up on Richard Harris quite a bit during the filming of THE DEADLY TRACKERS after Harris had had a few and had morphed into his rowdy state.
    Taylor was a tough one. God bless him. He was one of the best


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