Blu-Ray News #24: Big House, U.S.A. (1955).

Big House USA TC

Directed by Howard W. Koch
Starring Broderick Crawford, Ralph Meeker, Reed Hadley, William Talman, Lon Chaney Jr., Felicia Farr, Charles Bronson

Part crime picture, part prison movie, Big House, U.S.A. (1955) is one of the most incredible films I’ve ever seen — so vile, so nasty, so mean. Let’s see. A kid is chucked off a cliff. A guy is trapped inside a giant boiler — and steamed like a lobster tail. One of the leads has his face and fingertips seared off with a blowtorch to conceal his identity. And that’s the short list.

Big House USA LC

Howard W. Koch will never make a list of the Great Directors. But with this one, he serves up a solid exploitation film — and gives a dream-team cast of 50s movie bad guys a real field day. With all these heavies working on the same film, did the rest of Hollywood have to shut down?

Kino Lorber is bringing Big House, U.S.A. to your house on Blu-ray this August. Highly, highly recommended.


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3 responses to “Blu-Ray News #24: Big House, U.S.A. (1955).

  1. john k

    The most shocking thing by far about BIG HOUSE USA
    is seeing lovely Felicia Farr (here billed as Randy) as a
    heavy,playing an evil nurse!
    WOW! A Bel-Air film on Blu-Ray,could that mean that we
    get some of those great Westerns Lesley Selander made
    for Bel-Air get the Blu-Ray treatment.
    What I REALLY want from Kino Lorber is THE YELLOW
    TOMAHAWK in Color and widescreen,a brutal but really
    cool Western and a great early role for Lee Van Cleef.
    Kino-Lorber could also release the biggest budget of all
    the Bel Air flicks;Selander’s engaging Foreign Leigon romp
    in color and Superscope.DESERT SANDS
    That one has an awesome cast:
    Ralph Meeker,Marla English,Ron Randell,Keith Larsen,
    John Smith,John Carradine,and others I have forgot without
    consulting imdb.


  2. john k

    Jeepers! This news has got me SO excited
    I’ve just been over to the Kino-Lorber Facebook
    page. I see that they are also releasing Cornel
    Wilde’s STORM FEAR remastered on Blu Ray.
    This one has never even had a DVD release.
    I must admit when someone sent me an off-air copy
    of STORM FEAR recently I was underwhelmed,I guess
    I was expecting too much as it’s one I’ve been trying to
    track it down for years!
    I did state this on Laura’s blog and a fellow contributor
    called STORM FEAR “sensational”
    (Because of that it’s my favorite word at the moment).
    I was going to give the film another look but now I’ll
    wait fro the Blu instead. you LOVE “snowbound thrillers” (and Westerns)
    I think STORM FEAR is going to appeal very much to you.
    I’m really “stoked” that Kino are now giving these lesser
    known films the Blu Ray treatment.


  3. A tough film for it’s day with a first rate cast.


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