Blu-ray News #27: The Giant Spider Invasion (1975).

Giant Spider Inv OS

Directed by Bill Rebane
Starring Steve Brodie, Barbara Hale, Leslie Parrish, Alan Hale, Robert Easton

By just about every way you determine how crummy a movie is — acting, writing, special effects, etc., The Giant Spider Invasion (1975) is as crummy as they come. In fact, it’s a common sight on those Worst Movie lists — and those Mystery Science Theater 3000 folks got ahold of it once. But, if you judge a movie simply according to how entertaining it is, just about every Important Film you’ve ever seen falls far short of this one. And over the years it’s developed enough of a following for VCI to grant it a two-disc Deluxe Collector’s Edition.

A throwback to the Big Bug movies of the 50s, The Giant Spider Invasion was made in Wisconsin on a shoestring. Its special effects ain’t so special, with a Volkswagen Beetle transformed into a giant spider. (The amount of retouching necessary in the still below hints at the film’s paltry production values.) Sure, it’s terrible. But it’s great fun.

Giant Spider Inv LC

The story goes that the original screenplay was a total disaster, and Alan Hale suggested that the producers call in Robert Easton, a noted dialogue coach/charactor actor/English professor. Easton gave the script a major overhaul and wrote himself a sizable part. Now, if you don’t remember Robert Easton, he’s great as Dusty Acres in The Loved One (1965) and Carter Mawson in a very funny episode of Father Knows Best, among other things. Hale and Easton are joined by Barhara Hale of Perry Mason, Leslie Parrish and Steve Brodie, whose CV includes everything from Out Of The Past (1947) to The Wild World Of Batwoman (1966).

VCI is promising to pull out all the stops on this one, with interviews, galleries, trailers and the old Super 8 version you could order out of the back of Famous Monsters magazine. The invasion begins in June on both DVD and Blu-ray.



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6 responses to “Blu-ray News #27: The Giant Spider Invasion (1975).

  1. Patrick

    A uncle of mine gave me that poster.
    it was on my bedroom wall for years.
    But I did not see the movie till I was in college and working part time in a Video store.
    I knew the movie was not as good as the poster implied but it did not even come close.


  2. john k

    Toby,as you know I’m a real trash addict,
    but even I have my limits!
    This ones so bad it’s almost surreal.
    Forget TARANTULA! comparisons this film makes
    EARTH VS THE SPIDER look like 2001


  3. Richard Oravitz

    …Love it. The absolute greatest 1970s drive-in horror double bill if featured with NIGHT OF THE LEPUS (also with has-been stars and some crappy giant rabbits). Real competition for a FOOD OF THE GODS & EMPIRE OF THE ANTS double bill for sheer mindboggling numbness….It’s so bad that it’s only good for saps like myself that drool for inane escapist fodder on a mentally challenged level. Drive-in manna!…Love it.


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