Screening: Don Siegel Triple Feature At The Mahoning Drive-In.


Boy, what a great night this will be for those fortunate enough to be there. A tribute to director Don Siegel, at a drive-in, featuring three of his finest films: Coogan’s Bluff (1967), Charley Varrick (1973) and The Killers (1964).

charley varrick LC1

Don Siegel Triple Feature
Friday, July 17, beginning at dusk
General Admission: $10.00
Children’s Admission: $7.00

Coogan's Bluff LC1

The Mahoning Drive-In Theater
635 Seneca Road, just of Rte. 443
Lehighton, PA 18235

One of my favorite filmmakers. Three of his best pictures. All in 35mm on “the largest CinemaScope screen in Pennsylvania.” Sounds like heaven.

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One response to “Screening: Don Siegel Triple Feature At The Mahoning Drive-In.

  1. john k

    That really sounds like heaven,to see those great
    Siegel’s on the big screen where they belong.
    My compensation is that I’ve recently got all those films
    on Blu-Ray.
    Interesting extras on the German Koch CHARLEY VARRICK;
    Andy Robinson had no time at all for Joe Don Baker ( he loved
    Siegel BTW) The scene where Joe really roughs Andy up (it took
    all night to film) was pretty tough for Andy to endure!

    I don’t know what it is but those Seventies Universal pictures
    always look sensational on Blu-Ray.
    Recently got THE EIGER SANCTION on Blu and it is simply
    I’m on such a Universal kick at the moment I even got AIRPORT
    ’77 on Blu-a guilty pleasure to be sure, but again it looks

    I DO wish Universal would re-activate their MOD Vault series
    especially as Universal are burning up the Box Office at the
    moment-2015 must rate as their best year ever!


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