Blu-ray News #33: The Invisible Monster (1950).


Directed by Fred C. Brannon
Starring Richard Webb, Aline Towne, Lane Bradford, John Crawford, Stanley Price, George Meeker

A Republic serial comes to Blu-ray. Wow, that’s cool. Especially since The Invisible Monster (1950) boasts plenty of incredible model work from Howard and Theodore Lydecker.

The Phantom Ruler has developed an invisibility formula and plans to use it to rule the world. To fund that effort, he hooks up with a bunch of crooks and uses his invention to commit crimes. It takes 12 action-packed chapters for investigator Richard Webb to bring the evil genius and his henchmen to justice.

These Republic serials are wonderful. And this one’s coming from Olive Films in September.

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One response to “Blu-ray News #33: The Invisible Monster (1950).

  1. john k

    It would seem Olive have some 30 titles
    slated for September,mostly Exploitation and
    Blaxploitation stuff.
    I wonder if there are any other Republic titles
    in the works from Olive,perhaps they are giving
    it a final go with a serial.
    A Republic serial on Blu-Ray is an offer I will not be
    able to refuse,especially as this one’s shot by Ellis Carter.
    I was very surprised that the Sony MOD series did not
    unearth some of those Sam Katzman Columbia serials.
    If this one flies perhaps we may see The Commander himself
    in high definition,I certainly hope so!.


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