Martin Milner, RIP.

Martin Milner
December 28, 1931 – September 6, 2015

I grew up watching Jack Webb’s Adam-12. It taught me that cops were cool, and that they had a really tough job. It also showed me they were regular people, dealing with the same things all people do, and that you could go to them when you needed help.

Sure, it was just a TV show. But Martin Milner, as Officer Pete Malloy, made it very real to me. He passed away this week, and I hope the LAPD makes a really big deal out of it. He deserves it. And I hope his passing makes people remember Adam-12 — and that cops are cool.


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  1. A lovely tribute to a special man who played a role important in so many ways. I was moved to tears seeing there were LAPD bagpipers and other officers at his funeral, and there was a flag presentation.


    Best wishes,


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