Blu-ray News #40: Panic In Year Zero! (1962).


Directed by Ray Milland
Starring Ray Milland, Jean Hagan, Frankie Avalon, Willis Bouchey

Ray Milland directed this AIP picture about a family that’s on a camping trip when an atomic bomb is dropped on L.A. They end up having to take on all sorts of human vermin as society begins to fall apart. If there’s a moral to the story, it might be to be sure to take a shotgun along on a camping trip.

Panic In Year Zero! (1962) is in black and white ‘Scope, features a score by Les Baxter and was shot at the Iverson Ranch — no wonder I’ve always had a soft spot for it. It was sometimes paired with Roger Corman’s Tales Of Terror (1962).

Kino Lorber has announced it for Blu-ray release in early 2016 — if mankind lasts that long!



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3 responses to “Blu-ray News #40: Panic In Year Zero! (1962).

  1. john k

    My first port of call these days is the Kino Lorber
    Facebook page,just to see what these cats are getting
    up to next.
    They are certainly setting new standards for high-def
    black & white remastering.
    PANIC IN YEAR ZERO was made when Ray Milland was still
    making good films before he starting doing any old junk
    that came his way.
    Interestingly Warner Archive are about to release
    another Milland vehicle that he also directed.


  2. john k

    Kino-Lorber and Olive Films know that Horror/Sci Fi
    fans will buy almost anything on Blu Ray.
    Olive Films have announced VOODOO MAN for
    November-one of the Monogram Films not owned by
    Warner Archive.
    Olive will, no doubt, be releasing
    this hour long film without any extras.
    Not exactly a bargain at Olive’s prices but I for one cannot
    resist the prospect of seeing an old Forties Monogram B
    in high definition.
    At the very least Kino bump up their releases with a few
    trailers and I do wish Olive could manage to do the same.
    Just to clear a point VOODOO MAN is one of the Monogram
    titles that were sold to Republic decades ago.
    Olive continue to lease the occasional Republic title
    in the deal they have with Paramount.


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