Blu-Ray News #41: Journey To The Seventh Planet (1962).


Produced and Directed by Sidney Pink
Starring John Agar, Greta Thyssen, Ann Smyrner, Mimi Heinrich

Kino Lorber has promised some more glorious junk from AIP for 2016 Blu-ray release — Sidney Pink’s Journey To The Seventh Planet (1962).

John Agar headed to Denmark to star in this tale of a United Nations expedition to the planet Uranus (cut the jokes). Before long, a giant pulsating brain is reading the astronauts’ thoughts and presenting them as hallucinations. Hence, all the girls seen in the lobby card below.

Sidney Pink has already produced The Angry Red Planet (1969), which I always liked, and Reptilicus (1961), which even at eight I thought was pretty crummy. If you know those films, you probably know what to expect here.




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4 responses to “Blu-Ray News #41: Journey To The Seventh Planet (1962).

  1. john k

    This film has never been a firm favorite with
    me, I recall it as being rather dull,in fact
    not trashy enough.
    I would rather Kino gave the high-def treatment
    to Ib Melchior’s THE TIME TRAVELERS (1964) which
    was a whole lot of fun.
    Still,with the pace Kino are going through the AIP
    catalog it’s only a matter of time before we get

    One question: what’s happening to the 11 AIP
    titles owned by actress Susan Hart,James Nicholson’s
    widow. Some really interesting titles there;
    I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF to name but one.


    • The AIPs that Hart owns are some key ones. In the 90s, Cinemax ran them, and I believe they were being distributed by Columbia. Would love to see a nice box of those things.

      You’re right about Journey To The Seventh Planet. Descriptions of it sound more fun than the film actually is. But it’s got Agar and some monsters, so I’m contractually obligated to like it!


    • Richard Oravitz

      How can a Sid (REPTILICUS) Pink film featuring scantily clad babes and John Agar not be trashy enough? Well, as john k has pointed out, this is one pretty dull going, even if it’s in color. You just can’t substitute good looking gals hogging up important screen time meant for cheezy monster thrills. I’m buying this regardless because I’ll most likely watch it at least once every decade or so and it will finally replace my flipper disc (I’m not fond of scratchy flippers)… for Susan Hart and the “lost” AIPs that she’s sitting on, is this because she is holding out for BIG BUCKS or is she just not concerned with such matters? I’d really like to get good copies of AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, IT CONQUERED THE WORLD and TEENAGE WEREWOLF and FRANKENSTEIN and like everyone else, this is turning into far too many years of anticipation, kind of like waiting for season two of ONE STEP BEYOND to finally be commercially released.


  2. john k

    One tries not to be cynical,so hopefully Susan Hart is
    holding out for a company that can treat these “lost” AIP
    titles with the respect that they deserve……paging Kino Lorber!

    Is anyone else out there in Hannibal-8 land excited as I am about
    a high-def widescreen version of THE BLACK SLEEP… there’s
    a real trashy movie…and I love it!

    Furthermore is anyone tempted by Kino’s forthcoming Blu Ray
    of PHANTOM FROM 10.000 LEAGUES…now there’s a really bad

    Trash addict that I am,I wonder why little,if any “Peplum” movies
    have not been granted the High-Def treatment,Heaven knows
    there is enough of that stuff in the AIP and United Artists
    vaults which Kino are currently plundering.
    A couple of old UA flicks I would certainly go for on Blu-Ray are
    REVOLT OF THE SLAVES (with Rhonda Fleming) and
    THE WARLORD OF CRETE,the latter, I remember had a pretty cool


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