RIP, Rex Reason.


Rex Reason
(November 30, 1928 – November 19, 2015)

Rex Reason has passed away at 86. He’s best known for the great sci-fi picture This Island Earth (1955, above with Faith Domergue), but he’s also in The Creature Walks Among Us (1956), the third Creature From The Black Lagoon picture. He left the movie business in the 60s and got into real estate.


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2 responses to “RIP, Rex Reason.

  1. john k

    There has been a bit of a cyber firestorm over the
    recent German Blu Ray release of THIS ISLAND EARTH.
    Some folks seem to like it…..I don’t.
    To me it just looks like an upscaled DVD,colors way off and a
    very user unfriendly menu….German subs suddenly appear
    despite being disabled.

    At any rate this blu ray falls way beyond the standard presented
    by other fine German imprints like Explosive,Koch and Anolis
    especially when one considers the high quality of their
    presentations of old Universal flicks.

    The good news is that an excellent French imprint called
    Elephant has THIS ISLAND EARTH announced for a 2016
    release. If Universal can supply a new High Def master this
    will most certainly be on blu ray.
    This wonderful Sci-Fi classic needs the best treatment as far
    as a high def release goes.

    Another Rex Reason film announced by Elephant for 2016
    is THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US making it’s Worldwide
    blu-ray debut.


  2. Richard Oravitz

    OK…another lapse into the past.
    Back in the early 1960s THIS ISLAND EARTH was shown on TV, I’m thinking evening, Night at the Movies maybe. Whatever…I loved it and so did my younger brother. So you can imagine our amazement when we caught the bus to take us to summer Vacation Bible School every day, and there, before us in that very bus, every day, was some guy in a suit, riding into downtown Youngstown looking exactly like Exeter the alien from Metaluna. large forehead, white hair, quiet, furtive the whole ball of wax. We were CERTAIN that this man was indeed an alien and actually pondered what we should do. Luckily we did nothing, except fear this obvious alien from a dying planet…Vacation Bible School ended after two weeks and we left the alien to destroy the world, but that never happened…perhaps Rex Reason stepped in to save the day. I hope so.


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