Blu-Ray News #51: The Thing From Another World (1951).

The Thing LC2Directed by Christian Nyby
Produced by Howard Hawks
Starring Margaret Sheridan, Kenneth Tobey, Robert Cornthwaite, Douglas Spencer, Paul Frees, John Dierkes, James Arness

It scared me to death as a kid. It’s one of my Top 10 favorite films. And it’s coming to Blu-ray in Japan. The Thing (1951) deserves a gorgeous hi-def transfer. Let’s hope it gets it.


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5 responses to “Blu-Ray News #51: The Thing From Another World (1951).

  1. john k

    Thanks for the tip-off.
    I’ve never dipped my toe in the water as far as
    Japanese Blu’s go,and I’ve no doubt a domestic release
    will follow.
    I find the artwork on these Japanese RKO Blu’s horrible.
    available among others)

    Recently I discovered that the BFI in England are releasing
    BEAT GIRL (aka Wild For Kicks) on Blu with a host of extras.
    This was one of the first “X” films (over 16) that I as a 14 year old
    got to see. (being tall did have it’s advantages then)
    BEAT GIRL is a time capsule if ever there was one with a great
    John Barry soundtrack to boot!
    David Farrar,Adam Faith,Oliver Reed,Christopher Lee,Shirley
    Anne Field,Claire (Konga)Gordon,Carol White…what’s not to like!!


    • I’m dying for a hi-def copy of The Thing, no matter where it hails from!

      I’ve always thought it and Rio Bravo would make a terrific double feature — they’re so similar in so many ways. Both have a tight group of men and one really cool chick (Margaret Sheridan might be my all-time favorite female lead in this.) They’re all stuck somewhere waiting for the bad guy(s) to show up. Both have that Hawks dialogue thing happening. One has a monster, one has Claude Akins. One’s my favorite science fiction film, one’s my favorite Western.

      I’m sorry. Don’t get me started!


  2. john k

    If the Japanese version is an “official” release
    they must have been supplied a high-def master
    from Warners.
    If Warners have struck a high def master of this film,
    as I’m sure they have, then it will get a US and European
    release at some point.

    On the subject of the “horrible” graphics what has happened
    to the creative/graphics talents in Japan.
    I remember back in the Seventies as a rabid Bluegrass
    fanatic the only way you could get classic Stanley Brothers
    and Flatt & Scruggs sets was from Japan. The artwork on
    those vinyl releases was truly awesome.


  3. Speaking as someone who lives in Japan and has many Japanese blu-rays, I can vouch for their general quality. However, the rumors are that this particular THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD BD is sourced from problematic elements (same goes for I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE and CAT PEOPLE). For more info, please head to I too would love a hi-def Blu-Ray of THE THING, as it’s a firm favorite. Just not sure this one is it, alas.


  4. Richard A. Ringenbach

    It sure would be nice if Warner Bros. would release The Thing From Another World in both black & white and a colorized version on blu-ray.


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