Blu-ray News #52: The Hound Of The Baskervilles (1959).

Hound Of The Baskervilles dayglo poster

Directed by Terence Fisher
Starring Peter Cushing, Andre Morrell, Christopher Lee, Marla Landi

At the risk of being called an idiot with no taste, I’m gonna go ahead and say that The Hound Of The Baskervilles (1959) is the best movie Hammer ever made. It might be the best Sherlock Holmes movie, too, but I’m gonna leave it at that. Cushing makes a mighty fine Holmes, that’s for sure.

Twilight Time will bring it to Blu-ray in June. This, I think, is a two-pipe problem.



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9 responses to “Blu-ray News #52: The Hound Of The Baskervilles (1959).

  1. john k

    A Day Late And A Dollar Short!

    As usual America lags behind the rest of the planet
    as regards to releasing all time classics in high def.

    HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES is already out
    on Blu from Shock,Australia and Arrow in the UK.
    The Shock transfer is outstanding and I understand the
    Arrow version is awesome as well.

    Yep! I too agree this was Hammer’s finest hour.
    It’s also my fave Holmes movie.
    I wish Hammer had made more Holmes movies-I’d
    love to have seen Cushing vs Spider Woman played
    by either Barbara Steele or Martine Beswick.


  2. john k

    I’m not the only person who gripes about the
    slow speed that The Majors are releasing classic movies
    in America.
    Gary at DVD Beaver reviewing the Japan High Def
    version of THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS says-
    “I’m not getting any younger and Warners are releasing
    1080 versions of essential titles in their catalogue at a
    snail’s pace”…….amen.

    Cannot get on Warners case too much in view of the
    brilliant work Warner Archive are doing.
    Universal is another matter…unlike Warners they went
    “gangbusters” at the box office last year.
    I’m having to go to France to get High Def versions of
    their classic Monster Movies.
    Elephant Films in France are about to release endearing
    Monster Mash Up HOUSE OF DRACULA on blu very soon.
    In April they have the wonderful WEREWOLF OF LONDON
    on Blu Ray too.
    These Elephant releases are beautiful transfers and as long
    as Universal have struck a High Def master they will release ’em
    on Blu.
    Stacks of other great Universal classics from Elephant due
    later this year.


  3. john k

    Also of interest is that Second Sight in the
    UK are soon to release the 1983 TV Movie version
    of HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES staring Ian Richardson
    and Martin Shaw.
    This Blu Ray edition will be a 4K restoration and it would
    seem be presented in 1.78 widescreen.
    Never seen this one but it does seem to be rather highly


  4. john k

    Sometimes you have to be a “Sherlock Holmes”
    to track down the mysteries of international
    Blu Ray Releases.

    This is more a Fifty Westerns Of The Fifties topic,
    but as Toby gets enough traffic over there and
    Don Siegel is a favorite on this blog I thought I’d
    post this here instead.

    A much sought after release on Blu Ray is
    Siegel’s wonderful THE SHOOTIST the Duke’s
    swan song and one heck of a film to exit on.

    Pidax in Germany have announced a Blu Ray release
    in April. I don’t know a thing about Pidax.
    Some cats over at Blu say Pidax’s picture
    quality is very good.Furthermore Paramount did not release
    this film in Germany. It was released by an outfit called Tobis
    who it seems had some tie in with Dino De Laurentis.

    Coming back to my original point it’s shameful that Paramount
    cannot be bothered to release this film in high def in America,
    it’s a cinematic milestone if ever there was one.


  5. Hey there, Toby and John K.! Sorry I’ve been scarce of late..

    Agreed that HOUND is certainly one of Hammer’s best…not sure if I’d give it the top vote myself, however, as I’d likely opt for QUATERMASS AND THE PIT or THE DEVIL RIDES OUT for that honor. No slight to their HOUND, though, which is fab.

    John, you might be interested to note that I’ve recently joined the Region Free Blu-Ray brigade (with the purchase of a Sony BDB-5500 3D player). My first order from was the German blu of OPEN RANGE, as you are no doubt aware a Kevin Costner western, I think a splendid (if leisurely) one, probably the last great or near-great “classical” style western ever made. Also ordered German blus of THE TIME MACHINE (1960) and RIO BRAVO. The Germans do seem to truly value American westerns, as well as classic sci-fi. (Now that I have a proper 3d home theater set-up, I’ve been eye-balling the German BD of REVENGE OF THE CREATURE.)

    Any recommendations on Region B blus (from the U.K. or Germany – avoiding ones from France for the most part due to all the talk of non-removeable subs) from you, John, would be most welcome!

    And great job on both sites as usual, Toby!


  6. john k

    Hi Jeff,
    Great to see you here!
    I’m gonna think about this for a bit but
    off the top of my head I can highly recommend
    Blu Ray’s from Elephant in France.
    They have VERY user friendly menus and
    no “forced” subs.
    They are slowly releasing a ton of classic Universal
    Horror on Blu.
    Their versions of SON OF FRANKENSTEIN and
    FMTWM does have minor neg damage and a bit of “sparkle”
    here and there but it’s a super transfer-the defects (which are minor)
    do give the viewing experience a “cinematic” feel.
    SOF is perfect and imperfection free.
    Yesterday I received Elephant’s HOUSE OF DRACULA
    which is very clean.
    Only downside,Elephant’s Blu Ray’s have impressive “trailer
    galleries” which sadly DO have forced subs.
    The deal with Elephant is-if Universal can supply a high-def
    master then it’s a Blu Ray release-otherwise it’s a DVD only release.
    Coming in April they have WEREWOLF OF LONDON on Blu.
    In June they are releasing the MUMMY follow-ups but at the
    moment I don’t know which titles will be on Blu Ray.
    In their on-going deal with Universal they have many exciting
    titles in the pipeline including NIGHT PASSAGE and UNLANA’S
    RAID on Blu Ray.


  7. john k

    The Koch Blu of REVENGE OF THE CREATURE is
    below their normally high standards,also it’s 4×3 to boot!
    Furthermore the 3D version is one you can watch
    on a non 3D TV-tinted glasses are provided.
    I’m sure Universal or someone will release this film in 3D
    in the States at some point.
    Not ALL French imprints have “forced” subs Sidonis are the
    main offenders and I would avoid their product
    The Carlotta France Blu Ray of 3.10 TO YUMA is sensational
    and the best high def black & white I have ever seen.
    The Rimini France Blu of THE LOST WORLD (1960) is also
    excellent-I have both of the aforementioned and there are no
    forced subs issues.
    I will return when I’ve given this a bit more thought.


  8. john k

    Sorry about the above typo…it should,of course read

    Cannot wait to get that one on Blu.

    BTW Jeff,
    The German Blu Ray of THIS ISLAND EARTH is not very good.
    Elephant are releasing this film in July,hopefully with better
    results,I will be posting here when I receive my copy.


  9. Wow, thanks for all that, John! As a newbie to European Blu- releases, all this info about misc. labels is very helpful! I will avoid the Koch REVENGE OF THE CREATURE…do hope his is released in the States at some point. It’s not a patch on the original film but is still fun. I’ll be picking up GOG soon, which by all accounts is a class A effort from Kino. Have never seen the film but it sounds like the kind of 50s sci-fi I enjoy. ULZANA’S RAID coming out on BD is good news. very good gritty western. Hope it will be uncut, since all the horse fall footage was snipped by UK censors on the DVD version (not that I’m a fan of horse falls, of course – just don’t like cut releases.)
    Thanks again, John!


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