DVD News #53: Hammer Films Collection Vol. 2.

Mill Creek has announced a second volume of Hammer movies. From the second of their Frankenstein pictures to one of their chicks-and-dinosaur movies, this is some good stuff.

The Revenge Of Frankenstein (1958)
Directed by Terence Fisher
Starring Peter Cushing, Eunice Grayson, Francis Matthews

The Snorkel (1958)
Directed by Guy Green
Starring Peter Van Eyck, Betta St. John, Mandy Miller

Never Take Candy From A Stranger (1960)
Directed by Cyril Frankel
Starring Patrick Allen, Gwen Watford

The Maniac (1963)
Directed by Michael Carreras
Starring Kerwin Mathews, Nadia Gray, Donald Houston.

Die! Die! My Darling (1965: UK Title Fanatic)
Directed by Silvio Narizzano
Starring Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers, Peter Vaughan, Yootha Joyce, Donald Sutherland


Creatures The World Forgot (1971)
Directed by Don Chaffey
Starring Julie Ege



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2 responses to “DVD News #53: Hammer Films Collection Vol. 2.

  1. john k

    At Toby’s alter-ego Fifties Westerns there has
    been much discussion about DVD vs Blu Ray.
    Folks over there have also been concerned about
    possibly “quality” issues over Mill Creek’s forthcoming
    Randolph Scott set.

    I’ve only purchased one Mill Creek item a Sci Fi
    set. While the black & white films looked good the two
    Toho widescreen color films suffered in quality.

    I like many others would much rather Mill Creek released
    THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN on Blu Ray a very much
    sought after item.

    As I mentioned at Fifties Westerns Horror fanatics have
    far more embraced the Blu Ray medium as opposed to
    Western fans. There does not seem to be ANY Horror
    Sci-Fi film that Kino Lorber cannot fail to clean up on
    in High Def.

    After much agonizing I decided to purchase Shout Factory’s
    recent Vincent Price Collection Volume 3 on Blu Ray.
    The reason being is that I don’t have any of the films,plus the
    fact the multiple extras sound very appealing.
    Furthermore reviews have been very positive and I’m more
    than thrilled to have Corman’s TOWER OF LONDON in High Def….
    which looks stunning by all accounts.
    To add to all this Amazon USA had the set at a much reduced price
    and I was more than encouraged to see the out of print Volume
    One is now commanding $250 and that’s for a not very good
    condition second hand item. This makes my mere $45 seem a
    sound investment.

    What I’m trying to say is I would rather Mill Creek gave us
    Blu Ray editions of much sought after titles rather than these
    “bargain basement” packs.


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