The Ghost And Mr. Chicken (1966) Turns 50.

Mr. Chicken trade ad

Makes me feel old to consider that the Don Knotts movie The Ghost And Mr. Chicken (1966) has turned 50 years old. I was too young to see it in its first run, but it was featured in a lot of Saturday morning kiddie matinees in the 70s — and I caught one of those. Then it made its way to TBS — where it seemed to be running every other Saturday afternoon. Which was fine by me.

This is one of those movies I can’t even begin to be objective about. Sitting down to watch it — the DVD gorgeously presents its Technicolor and Techniscope — is like sitting down with an old friend who happens to have stopped by. A very funny old friend.

It’s also one of the first movies my wife and I watched together. She’d never seen it —and we couldn’t have that, could we?



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2 responses to “The Ghost And Mr. Chicken (1966) Turns 50.

  1. Why, that’s silly. “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” cannot possibly be turning 50 because I saw it at the movies and that would mean that I am over 50. Wait. Ooops. Never mind.


  2. Similar to you, I wasn’t born during the ‘first run,’ but, with that said, I became an instant fan when I first saw it in the 70’s. Even now, my young daughter and I watch it every time it comes on. Seriously, who doesn’t love Don Knotts? Very nice post 🙂


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