Why Isn’t This On DVD?


How To Make A Monster (1958) has always been hard to track down, which is a drag. When Cinemax ran it in the early 90s as part of their AIP series, I was overjoyed. Here’s a comic-type ad for it, plugging the Certificate Of Bravery you got for making it all the way to the end. With that gimmick and the last reel in color, this thing’s a real hoot.

It’d be terrific to have AIP titles like this on Blu-ray, such as I Was A Teenage Frankenstein (1957) and Machine Gun Kelly (1958).



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6 responses to “Why Isn’t This On DVD?

  1. john k

    It was released on DVD several years back by Lions Gate.
    The package was a double feature which also included
    A new copy will set you back $30 on Amazon USA-secondhand
    copies,far less.
    My fave of the Lions Gate/AIP doubles was DAY THE WORLD
    ENDED with THE SHE CREATURE a great double bill and I’d get a
    Blu Ray version in heartbeat.
    In the UK DAY THE WORLD ENDED was released with THE PHANTOM
    FROM 10.000 LEAGUES and was billed as “The show that shocked


  2. How’d I miss that? I have the She Creature/Day The World Ended one. Wish they were widescreen.


  3. john k

    A doozy of a comic strip,I might add.


  4. There were two DVD box sets that came out in England years ago labeled as “The Arkoff Collection” that contained the 10 A.I.P films that were controlled by Sam (including the above mentioned titles).
    Susan Hart (via James Nicholson) owns the rights to 11 A.I.P. films including Teenage Frankenstein, Teenage Werewolf, Day, It Conquered The World, Invasion Of The Saucer Men, Terror from The Year 5000 and The Amazing Colossal Man. I’ve heard that she’s asking an insane amount of money for home video rights, which is why they haven’t been available since a few of them came out on tape decades ago.
    Great comic !


  5. Richard Oravitz

    This has been driving me crazy for years now. I also have the two Lions Gate double features, but still need and would gladly purchase the rest of Susan Hart’s stash. I keep thinking that they’ll appear on legit pristine dvds any week now, but I’ve been thinking that for far too many years already. So do I convert my old vhs tapes to dvd, or chance buying questionable dvd copies from secondary sources, or just keep waiting for Susan Hart to come around? Life shouldn’t be this tough, but I’m not getting any younger either.
    Of course the good news is that THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS is finally getting a legit release after wandering forever in lost dvd limbo land. So maybe, just maybe, next year?


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