DVD/Blu-ray News #74: Daredevils Of The Red Circle (1939).

daredevils-of-the-red-circle ad

Directed by William Witney and John English
Starring Charles Quigley, Bruce Bennett, David Sharpe, Carole Landis, Miles Mander, Charles Middleton, C. Montague Shaw

Boy, the new releases are coming fast and furious these days. Here’s another, and it’s a really good one — Republic’s 12-chapter serial Daredevils Of The Red Circle (1939) is coming from Kino Lorber (not sure on the date).

Serial nuts often list this as a favorite, and for good reason. It’s terrific.


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5 responses to “DVD/Blu-ray News #74: Daredevils Of The Red Circle (1939).

  1. Richard Oravitz.

    The opening chapter is one of the best in serial history. Makes one really appreciate the Lydecker brothers and how effective their miniature work was.


  2. This is awesome. I couldn’t figure out why Olive was putting out second- and third-tier serials (though I did buy FLYING DISC MAN FROM MARS, because I haven’t seen it). Hopefully SPY SMASHER and THE MASKED MARVEL and CAPTAIN MARVEL and JUNGLE GIRL are on the way too…


  3. john k

    THE INVISIBLE MONSTER (from Olive) are not
    top drawer but still offer tons of fun;and besides
    it’s wonderful to see them in high-def.
    This certainly bodes well for future releases from Kino.
    I sure wish Sony had the smarts to release any of
    the Katzman serials on Blu Ray.


    • I keep hoping that Sony will revisit the Batman serials. I’d love to see those make it to Blu-ray.

      The transfers the current DVDs use (Mill Creek has them now) have contrast levels that vary widely from one chapter to the next. The 8mm versions I had as a kid were better on the whole.


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