Blu-Ray News #80: Invisible Ghost (1941).


Directed by Joseph H. Lewis
Starring Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young, Clarence Muse

The first of nine films Bela Lugosi made for Sam Katzman and Monogram Pictures, Invisible Ghost (1941) was directed by the great, and greatly underappreciated, Joseph H. Lewis.

You’ll find a strong sense of style throughout Lewis’ work, whether it’s a Randolph Scott picture, the terrific Gun Crazy (1949), an episode of The Rifleman or a cheap horror movie like Invisible Ghost. For that reason alone, Invisible Ghost stands out among the other films Lugosi made on Poverty Row. But it’s got more going for it than that, as we can all see when Kino Lorber releases it on Blu-ray in 2017.

Really looking forward to this one. It’s good to see someone making the effort to bring public domain pictures like this to Blu-Ray.



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7 responses to “Blu-Ray News #80: Invisible Ghost (1941).

  1. john k

    I would not say Lewis is “underappreciated”-his cult status has
    soared over the last three decades….certainly in the UK at least.
    GUN CRAZY and THE BIG COMBO are now “cult” items-Universally
    highly regarded.

    It’s great Kino are releasing these Monogram gems that Paramount/
    Republic own;does anyone out there know exactly which Monogram/
    Allied Artists titles Paramount actually own.
    Lots of interest over at Toby’s alter ego FWOTF about Paramount owned
    Allied Artists pictures like JACK SLADE,DRAGOON WELLS MASSACRE,
    I’d buy a Blu Ray of all of ’em in a heartbeat.

    Kino know there is not one Sci- Fi Horror flick that they cannot sell,
    so hopefully we will see the Republic thrillers CATMAN OF PARIS and
    THE VAMPIRE’S GHOST get released-both directed by FWOTF fave
    Lesley Selander.
    LONDON BLACKOUT MURDERS (directed by another FWOTF fave
    George Sherman) is another little gem lurking in Republic’s vaults.


  2. You’re right, John — Lewis isn’t exactly under-appreciated. To me, all these guys should be household names — and they should be known for more than just a handful of films. Gun Crazy is terrific, of course, but Lewis’ entire body of work is solid and worth seeking out. His episodes of The Rifleman are really good, sticking out in a series that sticks out to begin with.

    Pardon my rant. To me, Lewis, Selander, Witney, Siegel, etc. are like other peoples’ sports heroes. I want everyone to know how great they are.


  3. john k

    In a World currently obsessed with “Brangelina” and Hiddleswift”
    I don’t think that’s likely.
    Having said that there has never been a better time for lovers of
    vintage movies especially with the great work being done by Kino-Lorber,
    Olive Films,Warner Archive and others,not to mention all the great
    Euro labels.


    • Again John, you’re absolutely right.

      Just saw that Shout Factory is bringing The TAMI Show and The Big TNT Show to Blu-Ray in December. Wow, Jan & Dean, Roger Miller and The Byrds in hi-def. Wow.


  4. john k

    Yep! I just saw that.

    Toby congrats BTW on your first (??) voice over on the forthcoming
    Olive Signature NIGHT OF THE GRIZZLY.
    I’d love to see you let loose by Kino on some of those Monogram/
    Republic things.


  5. john k

    Look forward to it-these Olive Signature Blu Ray’s can be obtained
    for far less than the asking price if you shop around.
    I’d love an Olive Signature edition of RUN FOR COVER-let’s see how
    sales for JOHNNY GUITAR go-should get mine early next week….cannot


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