Blu-Ray News #83: Doc Savage – The Man Of Bronze (1975).


Directed by Michael Anderson
Produced by George Pal
Starring Ron Ely, Paul Gleason, Bill Lucking, Michael Miller, Eldon Q, Eldon Quick, Darrell Zwerling, Carlos Rivas, Paul Wexler, Janice Heiden, Robyn Hilton, Pamela Hensley

I saw Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze (1975) during its brief theatrical run, and at 11 years old, I loved it. Of course, it bombed (it was competing with Jaws that summer) and the proposed sequel (Doc Savage: The Arch Enemy of Evil) was never made.


Fans of the original pulp novels have lots of problems with the film. But it sent me straight to the Bantam paperbacks with the great James Bama cover paintings (above is a particular favorite).

Like a lot of folks, I have a soft spot for this movie. So I was really stoked to hear that Warner Archive’s giving it a Blu-Ray release in November. Have no fear — Doc Savage is here!



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3 responses to “Blu-Ray News #83: Doc Savage – The Man Of Bronze (1975).

  1. john k

    While we are on the subject of all things George Pal,
    it has come to my attention that CONQUEST OF SPACE and
    ATLANTIS THE LOST CONTINENT are soon to appear on Blu-Ray
    in Germany. I am told by a very reliable source that these are “bootlegs”
    i.e. not official releases.Furthermore CONQUEST OF SPACE is noted
    as being 4×3 not 1.85. Paramount are insane not releasing in high
    WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE-everyone wants them.


    • I’d really love a Blu-Ray of War Of The Worlds. My daughter and I watched it about a year ago and I’d forgotten just how good it is — and the color could be gorgeous in high definition.

      However, if someone feels the need to digitally remove the wires from the Martian machines, I’ll strangle them.


  2. john k

    A couple of real goodies announced for early 2017 on
    Twilight Time’s Facebook page:

    Great totally underrated Siegel thriller-brilliant use of widescreen-
    the Sony MOD looked gorgeous so the Blu Ray should be jaw-dropping.

    Always considered a rip off of HOUSE OF WAY-which it was! but the
    film has lots going for it The Twilight Time release will be 3D and
    how’s this for an extra(s) BOTH Three Stooges shorts SPOOKS
    and PARDON MY BACKFIRE-also in 3D……WOW!


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