DVD/Blu-Ray News #92: Adventures Of Captain Marvel (1941).


Directed by William Witney and John English
Starring Tom Tyler, Frank Coghlin, Jr., William Benedict, Louise Currie

Republic’s Adventures Of Captain Marvel (1941), maybe the greatest serial of them all, is coming to Blu-Ray from Kino Lorber in early 2017. Shazam!

Across its 12 chapters, Howard and Theodore Lydecker, two of my all-time movie heroes, give us all kinds of tremendous special effects — Captain Marvel’s flight, typhoons, volcanoes, explosions, ships and on and on. William Witney and Republic’s team of stuntmen work their usual magic in a number of great fights. This thing really delivers the goods.

I can’t imagine a serial fan who hasn’t seen this one, so I don’t really need to recommend it. You know how absolutely essential it is.


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4 responses to “DVD/Blu-Ray News #92: Adventures Of Captain Marvel (1941).

  1. john k

    Dreams DO come true…sometimes.


  2. john k

    Olive Films seem to like to plunder the later Republic Serials.
    FROM MARS were glorious and loads of fun.
    Now they are releasing 1955’s PANTHER GIRL OF THE CONGO and
    with Phylis Coates,Myron Healey and Arthur Space on board….what’s
    not to like.
    I DO hope Olive,Kino Lorber and others employ our gracious host
    Toby do do more voice overs especially after sampling his splendid
    contributions to NIGHT OF THE GRIZZLY and ONE EYED JACKS.
    I get constantly fed up with some of the so called “experts” hired by
    various video outfits.
    I recently got the Olive Signature edition of HANNIE CAULDER because
    I had heard very good things about the transfer (it’s fine) and the extras
    sounded interesting.
    First the “voice over” by some pillock called Alex Cox irritated me especially
    when he referred to Boetticher as a hard working misogynist director-
    do these people have to bring current p.c. politics into discussions about
    veteran film-makers.
    There is also a video essay by the boorish Christopher Frayling-who
    obviously knows lots about Spaghetti Western but not much about
    American Westerns. He called HANNIE CAULDER the first Western to
    feature a female gunfighter. Films like MONTANA BELLE,TWO GUN
    LADY,ROSE OF CIMMARON, and GUNSLINGER are obviously not on
    Frayling’s radar.
    At least when Toby is on board we do get someone who knows what
    they are talking about.



  3. john k

    A few threads back you announced the Anolis,Germany,
    This version is already available.
    Now the UK’s 101 Films have announced their version
    appearing next March at a far more competitive price.
    101 are also releasing Douglas Hickock’s SKY RIDERS
    on Blu Ray-a guilty pleasure if ever there was one.


  4. Jerry Entract

    I do not admit to being a fan of serials especially but if you are going to see one then this must be one of the best ever! Republic made the best arguably and when directed by John English and Wild Bill Witney and starring he-man Tom Tyler this serial set the gold standard.
    Great news for fans.


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