DVD/Blu-Ray News #101: Panther Girl Of The Kongo (1955).


Directed by Franklin Adreon
Starring Phyllis Coates, Myron Healey, Arthur Space, John Day

The next-to-last Republic serial, Panther Girl Of The Kongo (1955), is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray from Olive Films.


Stock footage was the order of the day in the final years of Republic serials, and this one lifts liberally from Jungle Girl (1941) starring Frances Gifford. What really sets Panther Girl Of The Kongo apart are the always-terrific Phyllis Coates and the really cool giant crayfish (here in North Carolina, we call them crawdads). I guess Hollywood’s big bug trend (Them!, Tarantula, The Deadly Mantis, The Black Scorpion) infested the Republic lot — and it’s all brought to life by the genius of Howard and Theodore Lydecker. They built scale jungle “sets” and turned real crayfish loose on them.

It all makes for a really fun serial that comes highly recommended.

UPDATE 2/10/17: Amazon has this available for pre-order at just $12.99!



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2 responses to “DVD/Blu-Ray News #101: Panther Girl Of The Kongo (1955).

  1. john k

    Ha! I’ve heard Emmylou Harris use the term “Crawdad”
    and the Great Lady is from Alabama.
    There’s also of course “The Crawdad Song”

    Cannot wait for PANTHER GIRL OF THE CONGO-
    lots of folk knock them but I love those later Fifties serials-
    would love to see some of the later Columbia Katzman’s
    get released on Blu Ray too.

    Also looking forward to seeing the great Myron Healey as
    a good guy for a change,.


    • I like these later serials, too. For one thing, they’re very short — you can actually make it through the whole thing in one sitting.

      My love of the Lydeckers knows no bounds, and their stuff is really cool in this one. Speaking of Howard and Theodore (what great names those would be for a couple of dogs or cats), I was looking at Dakota (1945) last night and loving their riverboat stuff.


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