Blu-Ray News #102: Edge Of Eternity (1959).


Directed by Don Siegel
Starring Cornel Wilde, Victoria Shaw, Mickey Shaughnessy, Edgar Buchanan, Rian Garrick, Jack Elam

Don Siegel didn’t like CinemaScope. But the setting of Edge Of Eternity (1959), the Grand Canyon, screams for the wide screen. So here we get one of the great director’s few films in 2.35. (Flaming Star was also in ‘Scope; Dirty Harry and a few others were in Panavision.) His director of photography for this one was the great Burnett Guffey, who he’d worked with on Private Hell 36 (1954). Guffey’d go on to do the groundbreaking camerawork for Bonne And Clyde (1967).

Edge Of Eternity is a Siegel picture I’ve never seen, so I’m really stoked that Twilight Time is bringing it to Blu-Ray. Siegel certainly deserves the kind of treatment that comes from Twilight Time — they’ve already put together a great Flaming Star. Edge Of Eternity will be available in February.


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2 responses to “Blu-Ray News #102: Edge Of Eternity (1959).

  1. john k

    The Sony MOD of EDGE OF ETERNITY was great,so
    this Twilight Time release should really be something.
    As I collect key Siegel films on Blu Ray I’m gonna have
    to bite the bullet and get this….TT releases ain’t cheap.
    If you have never seen this Toby you are in for a real treat.
    In the UK EDGE OF ETERNITY was the second feature to a dire
    Hammer “comedy” DON’T PANIC CHAPS.
    Later it often went around with Carol Reed’s THE RUNNING MAN.
    Films & Filming noted this pairing was an object lesson in how to
    and how not to make a thriller.
    Needless to say Films & Filming thought the “how to” part of the
    program was Siegel’s film.
    I’m still holding out for a Blu Ray of MADIGAN…that one is way overdue.


  2. john k

    Another Siegel picture in CinemaScope and sadly on
    the missing list is the backwoods drama HOUND DOG MAN.
    How’s this for a boffo cast:Stuart Whitman,Carol Lynley,Fabian,
    Arthur O Connell,Edgar Buchanan,Royal Dano,L.Q.Jones,Jane
    Darwell and Claude Akins.
    HOUND DOG MAN has never even had a DVD release-perhaps
    those cats at Kino Lorber can give us a Blu Ray at some point.


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