Blu-Ray News #109: The Man From Planet X (1951).


Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer
Starring Robert Clarke, Margaret Field, Raymond Bond, William Schallert

Another no-budget miracle from the incredible Edgar G. Ulmer. The Man From Planet X (1951) movie creeped me out so bad as a kid — and it still has an odd, unsettling quality to it unlike any other film I can think of.


Filmed in just six days at Hal Roach Studios, on sets left over from Joan Of Arc (1948), it looks like most of the shoestring budget went to juice for the fog machine. It ended up being one of the first ( some say the first) alien-comes-to-earth movies. And I’d put it near the top of my Edgar Ulmer list.


Shout Factory has this one touching down on Blu-Ray this summer. Highly, highly recommended. Let’s hope more Ulmer makes its way to Blu-Ray.


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2 responses to “Blu-Ray News #109: The Man From Planet X (1951).

  1. Kevin Coon



  2. john k

    Warners have really made my year!!!!
    Soon WORLD WITHOUT END gets a Blu Ray release-and according
    to Blu in 2.55 widescreen.
    Is this the first Allied Artists CinemaScope/Color film to get
    a Blu Ray release?
    I’d LOVE to see Jacques Tourneur’s WICHITA in this format.
    The cover art looks sensational and I guess QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE
    cannot be far behind ’bout time Edward Bernds got some RESPECT!


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