Blu-Ray News #111: The Valley Of Gwangi (1969).


Directed by Jim O’Connolly
Starring James Franciscus, Richard Carlson, Gila Golan

The incredible stop-motion creature effects of Ray Harryhausen seem made for high-definition. So it’s always good news when some of his work is announced for Blu-Ray. The latest is The Valley Of Gwangi (1969) from Warner Archive.


The cowboys vs. dinosaurs storyline, with a good bit of King Kong (1933) worked in, came from Ray Harryhausen’s mentor Willis O’Brien. It had been brought to the screen as The Beast Of Hollow Mountain (1956). The effects in Gwangi are incredible, some of the master’s finest. And while the movie wasn’t a hit back in ’69, Harryhausen’s legion of fans have always dug it. Warner Archive haven’t put a date on it yet, but it’s coming.


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4 responses to “Blu-Ray News #111: The Valley Of Gwangi (1969).

  1. john k

    The great news keeps coming from The Archive.
    I note on a far lesser level Code Red have announced a triple set-
    (or should that be threat!) for masochistic film fans who can bear to
    watch much beloved stars of the past really slumming it.
    They have announced (as single Blu Rays) three Paul Naschy epics…
    firstly THE MUMMY’S REVENGE a film which I know nothing about.
    Then there is THE FURY OF THE WOLFMAN which has Mark Stevens
    involved…he must have been desperate.
    Best of the bunch is ASSIGNMENT TERROR (aka Frankenstein Vs
    Dracula) with Michael Rennie,Karen Dor and Craig (Whirlybirds) Hill.
    According to imdb the esteemed Hugo Fregonese had a hand in
    directing-ASSIGNMENT TERROR was paired in the UK with a film so bad
    (DIE SCREAMING MARRIANNE) that it ended up like looking like
    Code Red’s artwork is so gloriously tacky that it ends up celebrating
    these “lost” masterpieces.
    Sad,but true I’m quiet excited about ASSIGNMENT TERROR in it’s
    original 2.35 ratio-all I remember about it was how the cast seemed to
    take this extreme nonsense so seriously.


    • Assignment Terror might be the only Naschy movie I’ve ever seen. It’s really terrible, but a hoot if you’re in the mood for such nonsense, and it’d hard to believe Fregonese had something to do with it.


  2. john k

    It looks as if our friend Richard Oravitz has no shortage
    of films forthcoming for his good wine bad film evenings.
    I am of course thinking about the Code Red offerings not Gwangi.


    • Some folks would put Gwangi in that bad movie bunch. Harryhausen, Richard Carlson, Harryhausen, cowboys, dinosaurs, score by Jerome Moross — what’s not to like?


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