Blu-Ray News #119: From Hell It Came (1957).

Directed by Dan Milner
Starring Tod Andrews, Tina Carver, Linda Watkins, John McNamara, Gregg Palmer, Suzanne Ridgeway

From Hell It Came (1957) is a really terrible movie with laughable special effects. I love it and can’t wait to see it in high-definition. It’s coming from Warner Archive — 2017 is really gonna be some year for old movies on Blu-Ray.

The monster was originally designed by Paul Blaisdell, AIP’s favorite (cheap) monster maker, but constructed by Don Post Studios. It looks every bit as ridiculous as you’d imagine a walking tree to look.



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8 responses to “Blu-Ray News #119: From Hell It Came (1957).

  1. john k

    Warners seem to be upping their Blu Ray output from one a week to
    six titles (a month) announced in April…so that’s great.
    I’m amazed how many folks on The Archive’s Facebook page are desperate to see THE CYCLOPS on Blu Ray.

    I’m intrigued by FROM HELL IT CAME’s DOP Brydon Baker.
    After some 15 years making poverty row bottom of the barrel B Westerns
    he vanished in 1935 only to re-appear 20 years later with THE PHANTOM
    FROM 10,000 LEAGUES….some comeback.
    He worked lots for Lippert with many RegalScope titles and many other
    cheapies. I guess his best known title was RETURN OF THE FLY.
    His biggest budget film was CATTLE EMPIRE and his work certainly
    raises the game of the films turgid director.
    His work on an Allied Artists quickie SNOWFIRE is quiet breathtaking
    at times.
    I hope Toby gets the chance to do a commentary on a Baker flick
    sometime lots of interesting stuff to uncover/research there.


  2. Baker did some really cool stuff. It can be so hard to track down info on some DPs. Even someone like Wilfred Cline, as I’m finding out while working on The Indian Fighter.


  3. I’ve posted this a couple of places on the web.

    The killer tree’s cameo in 1959’s ARSON FOR HIRE as Steve Brodie chases a bad guy through the Allied Artists studio.


    • Mike Richards

      Thanks John, that was great to see.
      Unfortunately, From Hell It Came is still one of the all time bad films, will HD make it better or worse?


  4. john k

    Anolis Entertainment,Germany have announced a mid-April date
    for their DVD/Blu combo of THE GIANT CLAW.
    Anolis’ Sony titles tend to be Region B locked.
    Very nice cover art I must add.
    Extras are noted on Amazon de and I should imagine the commentaries
    would be in German only.
    I should imagine the Blu Ray of CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN
    would not be too far behind.
    Too bad Sony USA cannot give us a Blu Ray upgrade of that fabulous
    Katzman set of a few years back,.


  5. john k

    Whoops! Fred’s already on Blu with EARTH VS THE FLYING SAUCERS


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