RIP, Jerry Lewis.

Jerry Lewis
(March 16, 1926 – August 20, 2017)

When I think of Jerry Lewis, he’s with Dean Martin, acting really stupid and making me laugh. It’s one of their movies, on television, and I’m at my grandmother’s house in Texas.

Learning that he’d passed away at 91, that’s exactly what I’m thinking of. Not of the up-and-down solo movies, not of the MD telethon, not of the big ego — just of the laughs. Thanks, Jerry.


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  1. Richard Oravitz.

    Although not a big Jerry Lewis fan, I do admire him for all the years and effort that he put into the MD Telethons and for all the children that he helped along the way. No one has done more. A true hero that will be missed by fans of that Golden Era of classic comedy.


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