DVD/Blu-Ray News #97: The Man Who Died Twice (1958).


Directed by Joe Kane
Starring Rod Cameron, Vera Ralston, Mike Mazurki, Don Hagggerty, Paul Picerni, Luana Anders

This is an update to a post from way back in January.

Naturama was Republic’s widescreen process, and Vera Ralston was the figure-skater girlfriend/wife of Republic’s president, Herbert J. Yates. Guys like Rod Cameron, Sterling Hayden and even John Wayne appeared with her, grudgingly. And when Republic shut down, do did Ralston’s career.

s-l1600-28That said, she made some pretty cool movies, and The Man Who Died Twice (1958) is one of them. In fact, it was her last — the studio tanked that year (it’s also the last Republic Joe Kane directed). It’s a low-budget crime/noir thing. Rod Cameron’s cool in it (as always), Luana Anders plays a heroin addict, and Jack Marta shot it in black & white widescreen. Sounds terrific, don’t it?

Kino Lorber will bring The Man Who Died Twice to both DVD and Blu-Ray in November. For decades, seeing Republic Naturama movies in their original 2.35 aspect ratio has been damn near impossible, so this release is a real treat (and hopefully the first of many). The transfer’s excellent — got a good look at it while working on a commentary for it. Recommended.


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8 responses to “DVD/Blu-Ray News #97: The Man Who Died Twice (1958).

  1. Johnny Guitar

    This is a double whammy goodie announcement. Rod Cameron and Film Noir & Widescreen to boot. Well, make that a triple whammy. Great news Toby, thanks for the heads up.


  2. john k

    Yep! dreams Do come true sometimes.
    A Republic Noir in stunning High-Def it proves that those
    cats at Kino will take a chance on anything.
    Noir fans will want this rare film especially on Blu Ray.

    In 1956 when Republic released their first Naturama film
    THE MAVERICK QUEEN the writing was already on the wall
    for the studio.
    Most of their other Naturama films were programmer Westerns
    or thrillers.
    Noir addicts are not backward in “splashing the cash” so sales
    should be decent for this title.
    I’d love to see some of those later Naturama Westerns get
    released,in particular HELL’S CROSSROADS,THE LAWLESS
    EIGHTIES and MAN OR GUN all very good films of their type.
    In stunning high def,a format which they have been unseen
    for decades-that’s really the icing on the cake.

    I saw a piece on Republic ( an “extra” feature on Olives
    Signature JOHNNY GUITAR ?) where it was stated that The Duke
    did not hate Ralston-in fact he rather liked her.
    He was,however less than happy with the exposure Republic gave her
    as opposed to himself.

    Is it wishful thinking that those lovely cats at Kino might approach
    a certain Mr Roan to do the commentary on THE MAN WHO

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    • Would love to do a commentary on Man Who Died Twice. I couldn’t be more stoked to see Naturama heading towards our TVs.

      In my research on Dakota, I’ve come across the same stuff — Wayne did NOT have a problem with Ralston, just how everyone else suffered because of Yates’ focus on her.


  3. john k

    When I Stop Dreaming………….

    Hey,I stole a line from The Louvin Brothers..but I only steal
    from the best.

    This release has got me REALLY excited I wonder if there
    is any market for those “Last Gasp” J.D. type flicks Republic were
    so fond of making.
    Just check out the sensational poster artwork for Les Selander’s
    TAMING SUTTON’S GAL and William Witney’s YOUNG & WILD.
    What a great Kino double that would make.
    Both Naturama titles,I might add.


  4. Jerry Entract

    Very exciting release. Can’t wait to get this. If a Roan commentary were to accompany it that really would be the icing on the cake……..


  5. john k

    What I love about Kino-Lorber is that they seem
    to be willing to take a chance on virtually ANYTHING.
    I’m pretty sure that THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE will generate
    decent sales-especially with the legion of Noir fans out there
    and the rarity of the film-especially in widescreen.

    I hope Kino can unearth some of Republic’s earlier (pre Naturama)
    crime programmers. There are lots of these; three that come to mind are
    THE BLONDE BANDIT and the somewhat disturbing LONELY
    HEARTS BANDITS with our friend Laura’s fave Dorothy Patrick.
    I’m also rather fond of WOMEN FROM HEADQUARTERS a cracking
    early entry into the female cop genre.
    One things for sure if you can track down these rare films they will
    not be a patch on the Kino high def versions.

    Kino sure love their Horror stuff and I hope eventually they will
    release Les Selander’s CATMAN OF PARIS and THE VAMPIRE’S
    GHOST to see those two mini masterpieces in stunning high def
    will indeed be a treat to behold.


  6. Nick Beal

    I too would absolutely love to see a blu-ray release of THE VAMPIRE’S GHOST….. but is the World ready for John Abbott in high definition?!


  7. john k

    WOW! I thought 7 replies already and the post’s only appeared.
    Sadly these are the (late) Summer re-runs-still good to see this film
    get another go ’round the block.

    I am however saddened that on Kino’s Facebook page this has only
    generated a miserable 28 “likes” when far less worthy films go through
    the roof….where are all the Noir fans?
    The sadder thing is that if this response is an indication of sales then
    we will not get more of this fare let alone some of those interesting
    later Naturama black & white Westerns.
    Furthermore,only two people (yours truly included) have bothered
    to comment.
    I certainly hope these low “likes” and comments are not an indication
    of sales.


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