DVD/Blu-Ray News #144: A Woman’s Devotion (1956).

Directed by Paul Henreid
Starring Ralph Meeker, Janice Rule, Paul Henreid, Rosenda Monteros

The low-budget noir pictures are making their way to DVD and Blu-Ray at a great clip these days. Here’s a pretty obscure one — A Woman’s Devotion (1956), a Trucolor mini-noir from Republic’s dying days.

Some American newlyweds are vacationing in Mexico, and the husband (Meeker) ends up the prime suspect in the murder of a local girl. It was directed by Paul Henreid. Kino Lorber says the 4K remaster, which should look stunning, will be available early next year.



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5 responses to “DVD/Blu-Ray News #144: A Woman’s Devotion (1956).

  1. john k

    I’ve certainly never heard of this one,but it sounds good-especially
    with the 4K restoration.
    I guess color and the hour & a half running time class it as an A movie
    possibly the last main feature from Republic.Meeker was on a roll at the
    time what with KISS ME DEADLY,BIG HOUSE USA and the now forgotten
    DESERT SANDS….I’d love to see that one restored in 4K in it’s correct
    imdb has the ratio as 2.35 but Maltin and my copy of the motion
    picture almanac (remember them?) do not list it as widescreen.
    Kino Lorber do great with their 4K restorations their recent LONG RIDERS
    smokes the previous Blu Ray versions…it’s stunning.


    • I’ve never seen this one, either, but it’s always sounded intriguing.
      You name-dropped Big House USA, one of my all-time favorite crime/noir/prison movies — and another terrific Blu-Ray from Kino.


  2. john k

    It’s great to see the H8 on this Noir kick-long may it continue,especially
    with the great array of releases coming fast & furious from Kino.
    I note Glenn at CineSavant (DVD Savant) has noted that I,THE JURY
    is being prepped for (3D) Blu Ray release.
    I should imagine,with their recent track record,Kino will be releasing this.
    The original,Mike Hammer flick I,THE JURY has long been on Noir fan’s
    want’s list,especially as it’s shot by the great John Alton.
    I,THE JURY will be great news for all the Peggie Castle fans out there.
    Another great,non Hammer Spillane also featuring the iconic Peggie,
    THE LONG WAIT is way overdue for a Blu Ray release,I’m sure eventually
    Kino will oblige.
    Toby.on a personal note I hope some of these “Noir Gigs” will come your
    way as well.


  3. Mike Richards

    Never heard of this one, but with restoration it should look great as the Trucolor process had improved by this time.


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