DVD/Blu-Ray Rumor #145: I, The Jury (1953).

Directed by Harry Essex
Starring Biff Elliot, Preston Foster, Peggie Castle, Margaret Sheridan, John Qualen, Elisha Cook, Jr.

It’s the first film based on a Mickey Spillane/Mike Hammer book. It was in 3-D, shot by the great John Alton. And it’s got a terrific cast: Peggie Castle, Margaret Sheridan (so great in The Thing), Elisha Cook, Jr.

The word on the street is that it’s being prepped for a Blu-Ray release. That’s great news. Wonder if they’ve found the stereo tracks?


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5 responses to “DVD/Blu-Ray Rumor #145: I, The Jury (1953).

  1. Mike Richards

    Never seen it, but it sounds like a good one. I read a lot of Spillane when l was younger, always a good easy read.
    I thought you had spelled Bill Elliott’s name wrong until l saw the poster. So who was top billed Biff Elliott?
    I expect John Knight will help.


    • Elliot did a lot of TV work; I, The Jury was one of his few leads. He was in a lot of good stuff: House Of Bamboo, The Enemy Below, Pork Chop Hill, etc. He played one of the Younger brothers in The True Story Of Jesse James.


      • Mike Richards

        Thanks for the info Toby. I have seen all films mentioned and have House of Bamboo and Story of Jesse James on DVD. I will check him out.


  2. john k

    Yep-Biff-who also doubled as an acting coach; was also in SAVE THE TIGER with his close buddy Jack Lemmon.
    John Avildsen’s SAVE THE TIGER is another Paramount title way overdue
    for a Blu Ray release.


  3. john k

    WOW!! I’m off-line for a couple of days and the H8 is going gangbusters!!!

    Following Toby’s write up and a strong recommendation from Noir
    doyen Nick Beal I tracked down Classicflix’s CRIME OF PASSION.
    The restoration is flawless.
    I always thought CRIME OF PASSION was just a second string
    programmer charting Stanwyck’s fading star power.
    The same year she starred in the dreary TROOPER HOOK but to be
    fair FORTY GUNS was to follow,
    CRIME OF PASSION really knocked me out especially in the way it was
    shot,directed and acted.
    It crams so much into 85 minutes-too much to absorb in a single viewing.
    I enjoyed seeing a rather trimmed down,handsome Raymond Burr and
    Royal Dano was great as a grim cop who feels that a woman’s
    place is at home preparing her husband’s dinner.
    What about that amazing montage sequence near the beginning where
    we see various couple’s reactions to a sensational news headline.
    The sequence ends with two rather tough looking female cab drivers.

    The credits on CRIME OF PASSION are interesting-director Gerd Oswald
    was on a roll at the time with A KISS BEFORE DYING and Toby’s fave
    The executive producer Bob Goldstein was the twin brother of Leonard,
    producer of many of my all time favorite movies.
    What really threw me was the actual producer was Herman Cohen
    better known for fare like I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF and
    HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM-classics of their kind,I must admit.
    Interesting that Cohen also used Virginia Grey in his earlier TARGET
    EARTH and his later BLACK ZOO.
    Also interesting that Goldstein,Cohen, Oswald and Burr had made the
    earlier THE BRASS LEGEND a Western that has it’s admirers but a
    film that I find middling at best.

    imdb states that Stanwyck gave underrated Virginia Grey a very
    rough time on this shoot. CRIME OF PASSION really threw me and
    far exceeded my expectations and is well recommended.



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