Blu-Ray News #148: The Night Walker (1964).

Directed by William Castle
Screenplay by Robert Bloch
Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Taylor, Judith Meredith, Hayden Rorke, Lloyd Bochner

Halloween’s the perfect day for an announcement like this. Scream Factory is bringing The Night Walker (1964) from the great William Castle to Blu-Ray in early 2018. (To me, William Castle owns Halloween.)

This was Barbara Stanwyck’s last theatrical film, and it found her co-starring with her ex-husband Robert Taylor. William Castle had a good script from Robert Block to work with, and the result is one of his best movies. It’ll be a real treat to see Harold Stine’s 1.85 photography in high definition. Not sure what extras, if any, are planned (but I can recommend someone for a commentary). Highly recommended.



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5 responses to “Blu-Ray News #148: The Night Walker (1964).

  1. Richard Oravitz

    I couldn’t agree more that William Castle owns Halloween. I was just thinking about that watching 13 GHOSTS yesterday on TCM, that they should do a Castle-fest, 13 films, each one announced in a promo as one by one the 13 ghosts fly towards the screen, like in the opening credits. Here they come…MACABRE, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, THE TINGLER, MR. SARDONICUS, HOMICIDAL, STRAIT-JACKET, I SAW WHAT YOU DID, OLD DARK HOUSE, NIGHT WALKER, PROJECT X, THE SPIRIT IS WILLING, ZOTZ, 13 GHOSTS!!!! Coming attractions for each of these films and clips from the William Castle documentary could be shown between the films.
    As for NIGHT WALKER, one of my absolute favorites. It really had me guessing the first time I saw it. And the Vic Mizzy soundtrack is just icing on the Halloween cake!
    Castle is certainly one of my all time favorite directors. He made so many good films in so many different genres, horror, film noir, westerns, comedy, mystery, adventure, and he made them so much better than others with 3 times (or more) the budget. He always seemed to love making movies, giving the audience just what they wanted.
    NIGHT WALKER on Blu-Ray should look outstanding, and I second the motion for a certain somebody to handle the commentary track.


  2. john k

    Shout Factory have some very tasty items on their “to be released”
    They have just announced the Robert Mitchum Marlowe double bill
    Sign me up!!!
    Nothing much wrong with Dick Richards picture especially with John Ireland
    and Harry Dean Stanton in support. Dick Richards THE CULPEPPER
    CATTLE COMPANY was one of this year’s big surprises a 70’s Western
    that has really stood the test of time. I hate the term “revisionist” Western-
    I prefer to call ’em “realistic” Westerns.
    Wonderful 70’s cast going full tilt-Billy Green Bush,Bo Hopkins,
    Geoffrey Lewis,Matt Clark,Luke Askew… I really miss those guys.
    All that and a bit from the very wonderful Royal Dano..was there ever
    a Royal Dano scene in a picture that he did not totally steal?
    The Signal One (UK) Blu Ray is highly recommended-Richards did a
    supreme job on this great Western.
    Winner’s THE BIG SLEEP is totally bonkers-though many say truer to
    the source material-at any rate the film is one of my all time fave
    guilty pleasures.
    I remember Time Out London’s review at the time which went something
    like….”imagine Philip Marlowe in Chipping Norton,imagine your worst fears,
    double them; you still have not perceived the true horror of this film”
    Sorry Time Out,I love Winner’s film just the fact that we have
    Mitchum,Richard Boone and Oliver Reed the the same movie makes
    it remarkable
    My comments regarding THE NIGHT WALKER were on the GREEN SLIME
    thread…go figure… 🙂


  3. john k

    I’ve just back tracked to my NIGHT WALKER comments-‘cos I don’t
    remember what I said-total flake that I am-and I notice CHARLEY
    VARRICK is one of your “most wanted” titles on Blu Ray..
    I think I mentioned the very fine Koch Blu Ray and I notice that it
    looks like Powerhouse/Indicator are,in January releasing an even finer
    version. Indicator’s Blu Ray’s always get glowing reviews from Gary at
    DVD Beaver often out-performing Twilight Times’s versions…praise indeed.
    I guess it’s all down to those “maxed out bit rates which frankly
    confuse a hardcore Luddite like me.
    Sadly,like the Koch version,I feel the Indicator version will be region B
    locked but often their discs are region free. The Koch version was a
    sensational transfer and possibly the Indicator one will be even better.
    The Indicator version has even more extras including an audio interview
    with Siegel from the NFT in 1973.
    I was in the audience but forgot that it was conducted by Tony Sloman
    who I did not know at the time but got to know pretty well in the early
    I remember many years back Tony and I were in the bar at BAFTA
    and he told me about his experiences on one of his very first
    editing gigs.The film was THE FROZEN DEAD and Tony did not like
    the director but thought Dana Andrews was a really lovely guy-despite
    being reduced to appearing in crap like THE FROZEN DEAD.
    I know Richard,you of all people are going to find something nice
    to say about THE FROZEN DEAD possibly a fave at one of your
    “good wine bad film evenings.”
    I was always running into Tony at the NFT’s 3D fests of several
    years back-we always liked to sit in the center of the front row-
    I have not seen him for years now but several of my friends in London
    run into him constantly-he was crowned “Film Buff Of The Year” way
    back when; and deservedly so-a knowledge about film few have.
    I’m still waiting for somebody-Indicator/Shout Factory- to release
    MADIGAN on Blu Ray which is way,way overdue especially with
    all the companies that have deals with Universal,.


  4. Mike Richards

    One of the reasons I read this blog and 50 Westerns, is the wealth of information I get from people like John K.
    Though maybe one thing I disagree with is The Night Walker, I really can’t remember liking that at all when I first saw it back in the mid 60s, maybe I need a second viewing.


    • It’s probably time to give it another shot. I wasn’t all that hip on it as a kid, it was no Tingler! Seeing it now, it’s a better directed and acted movie for sure.


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