RIP, Peggy Cummins.

Peggy Cummins (Augusta Margaret Diane Fuller)
(December 18, 1925 – December 29, 2017)

Peggy Cummins, who is absolutely incredible in one of my favorite films, Joseph H. Lewis’ Gun Crazy (1949), has passed away at 92. She’s in a couple other favorites — Jacques Tourneur’s Night Of The Demon (1957, Curse Of The Demon in the States) and Cy Enfield’s Hell Drivers (1957).


John Dall, Peggy Cummins and Joseph H. Lewis on the Gun Crazy set.

Was just thinking the other day that Gun Crazy would be a great candidate for a Warner Archive Blu-ray. If it happens, it’s a shame she won’t be around for it.


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6 responses to “RIP, Peggy Cummins.

  1. Reblogged this on Noirish and commented:
    ***Sad news, via The Hannibal 8. I must get out of the habit I’ve had for years, every time I saw the name Peggy Cummins, of smiling at the cheerful thought that she was still alive after all these years.


  2. Kevin Coon

    Loved her so much in everything, but “Gun Crazy” and “Curse Of The Demon” are top favorites of mine. RIP beautiful lady.


  3. Reblogged this on B Noir Detour and commented:
    RIP. I hope her life was a good one.


  4. I hope her long life was good. Gun Crazy is so ahead of its time.


  5. john k

    I heard this sad news only yesterday and the response,here and
    elsewhere shows the incredible high esteem Peggy had with film fans.
    I guess HELL DRIVERS will gain cult status over time.
    Two other very fine films starring Peggy need to be”rediscovered”

    ESCAPE (1948)
    Peggy is very posh and up-market in this one-she gets involved with
    escaped convict Rex Harrison-an overlooked (sadly) Brit Noir;albeit
    with an American director.

    STREET CORNER (1953) aka Both Sides Of The Law.
    By contrast Peggy plays a young unwed mother who gets involved with
    sleazy gangsters (Terence Morgan,Michael Medwin)
    A knockout Brit Noir with a female director and a strong Feminist subtext.
    Super location work makes this one a winner all the way
    Film is an early British entry in the Female Cops genre.

    I’m sure GUN CRAZY will get the Warner Archive Blu Ray treatment-
    I only hope they have the smarts to provide a raft of extras..


  6. Jerry Entract

    Lovely, sexy lady! So good in some good films, such as a personal favourite “HELL DRIVERS”. She had ‘a good innings’, as we might say in Blighty.


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