RIP, Lewis Gilbert.


Lewis Gilbert (left) directs Sean Connery and Donald Pleasance in You Only Live Twice

Lewis Gilbert
(March 6, 1920 – February 23, 2018)

Lewis Gilbert, who directed the underrated James Bond film You Only Live Twice (1967), has passed away at 97. In a couple more weeks, we would’ve been 98. You Only Live Twice gets a lot of flack, but to me it’s a knockout — from the incredible sets by Ken Adam to one of John Barry’s best Bond scores to the fact that Sean Connery hits a guy with a sofa! It’s big, loud and a bit obnoxious, and I love it.

He also directed the hip and influential Michael Caine movie Alfie (1966). Then there’s the terrific Sink The Bismark! (1960), with Kenneth Moore, Dana Wynter, Michael Hordern and some outstanding model work — all in black and white CinemaScope. It’s just a great thing all-around.


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One response to “RIP, Lewis Gilbert.

  1. john k

    Gilbert’s early B Movies proved that here was a director
    that could do a lot with very little.
    COSH BOY (aka The Slasher) is a striking early J.D. Movie
    that addresses the UK Post War concern over young offenders.
    The later THE GOOD DIE YOUNG is as fine an example of Brit Noir
    as you are ever likely to see,
    The scene where Robert Morley disowns his worthless son (Laurence
    Harvey) is unforgettable.
    THE GOOD DIE YOUNG saw Gilbert move up to A Movies and has a
    cast to die for.


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