DVD/Blu-Ray News #168: Doctor Blood’s Coffin (1961).

Directed by Sidney J. Furie
Starring Kieron Moore, Hazel Court, Ian Hunter

This one slipped by me — it’s available now. Doctor Blood’s Coffin (1961) is an English zombie picture that was very influential in how movie zombies work. These are resurrected corpses, not the voodoo-type zombies of I Walked With A Zombie (1943).

Nathan Juran came up with the story, and its setting was moved from the US to the UK. Sidney J. Furie does a solid job on a 10-day schedule, demonstrating some of the stylistics that he’d let run rampant on The Ipcress File (1965).

Doctor Blood’s Coffin is a pretty cool movie, and I’m so glad it’s received the white-glove Scream Factory treatment. Previous versions have never been all that great. By the way, this Eastmancolor picture played some US theaters in black and white.


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13 responses to “DVD/Blu-Ray News #168: Doctor Blood’s Coffin (1961).

  1. john k

    I’m still waiting for DVD Beaver and Cinesavant to review this one-
    I remember Cinesavant’s Glenn thinking the picture quality on the old
    DVD was pretty good,I agree.
    Hopefully the Blu Ray will be a considerable upgrade especially with
    those gorgeous Cornish locations
    I did bring this film up on the Welles thread a while back-blatant high
    jacking I might add, and gave some insight on another early Furie
    Brit Flick THE BOYS.
    Also as discussed earlier; Gary at DVD Beaver gives another rave
    review to Warner Archive’s Blu Ray of GUN CRAZY.
    Gary even thinks it tops the French Wild Side version of a few years
    back which was pretty darn good anyway.


  2. john k

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the screen grabs for this one.
    DVD Drive In think the Blu Ray is far superior to the DVD but sadly no
    screen grabs.

    Toby,thanks for the link to A STRANGE ADVENTURE on Blu Ray.com.
    I note the artwork is also up on Kino Lorber’s Facebook page.
    The artwork looks great and it looks like one of those snowbound
    thrillers that I enjoy so much.
    I guess that you know where it was filmed Big Bear perhaps.
    I love those California snowy locations a minor Cold War Thriller
    SECURITY RISK was filmed at Big Bear and those locations certainly
    raise the game of the film.
    I would love to see what SECURITY RISK looks like in high definition.


    • It was shot in a place called Wrightwood, or Big Pines. There’s not a lot of location stuff, a few establishing shots and some Sno Cat footage involving Joan Evans. Most of it’s a pretty cool soundstage thing.

      The transfer if from the camera negative, which really helped with reading the street signs to pin down some of the Studio City locations.


    • I remember a very grainy, washed-out print when this played on TV in Philadelphia in the early 80s. It looked terrible, but the movie still worked for me. Looking forward to seeing how the Blu-Ray looks.


  3. john k

    News that made my day………….(1)

    Kino Lorber have announced that they are bringing the Pine Thomas
    3D film JIVARO to Blu Ray.
    I’m VERY excited about this JIVARO is even better than the
    soon to be released SANGAREE.
    JIVARO is enormous fun and stars Fernando Lamas,Rhondah Fleming
    (sensational) Brian Keith,Lon Chaney,Richard Denning and Rita
    Directed by Edward Ludwig an experet at vthis sort of thing and
    shot by the gresat Lionel Lindon.
    How many more boxes does a film have to tick?


  4. john k

    News that made my day……………..(2)

    There has been lots of buzz about Clint’s return to acting in the
    true life drama THE MULE based on the exploits of Leo Sharp.
    Well,it turns out that Clint will play a character based on/inspired by
    Leo Sharp but the story is more or less fiction.
    Clint will play a eightysomething man facing finiancial ruin who is
    duped into becoming a “mule” for a Mexican drug cartel.
    Bradley Cooper is the tenacious DEA agent hot on Clint’s trail.
    This one sounds like it simply cannot miss.
    It’s no secret that Clint and Cooper got on like gangbusters while
    making their smash hit AMERICAN SNIPER.
    All I can say about THE MULE is who is not going to want to
    see this!

    Sorry about the hi-jack Toby but I’m VERY excited about both


  5. john k

    Any chance of getting the commentary gig on JIVARO you would
    do a sensational job for sure!


  6. Jerry Entract

    I took your metaphorical kick up the a– over at 50 Westerns, John. You’re right – the return of Clint E. to the big screen is BIG news indeed. How a man of his age (88, is it??) has the energy he has is just phenomenal. I’ll want to see “THE MULE”.


  7. john k

    Great to see you make a “return appearance” here Jerry.
    To bad I was not able to corral the rest of the 50’s Westerns gang.
    Interesting with THE MULE to see Clint in what could possibly be his
    final appearance in front of the camera-and on the wrong side of the
    law, it would seem.


  8. walter

    Clint Eastwood, I think, will continue to appear in front of the camera, if the part is right for him. Seems like many thought that GRAN TORINO(2008) would be his swan song, then along came TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE(2012). Now he is in pre-production on THE MULE. If there is a right part for him at 103, he’ll probably be game for the role.


  9. john k

    Backtracking somewhat,to the previously discussed new Kino
    Blu Ray of A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS there is a link to a review by
    Jim Hemphill on Kino’s Facebook page.
    Jim states that the new Kino 4K version is the best that he has ever
    seen the film look.
    Interesting to see what Gary of DVD Beaver says.
    Still waiting for a review,with screen grabs for DOCTOR BLOOD’S
    Walter, it’s wonderful to see you join in the fun here as well-as you may
    have gathered Toby is quiet up for blatant hi-jacking as long as we don’t
    bring cats like Vin Diesel and Tom Cruise into the mix…I think!


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