Making Movies: High School Confidential (1958).

I’ve been reading a Jerry Lee Lewis biography — Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story by Rick Bragg, and it reminded me what a glorious thing Lewis’ scene is in High School Confidential (1958). Here’s Jerry Lee and his band hanging out with Russ Tamblyn between takes.


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2 responses to “Making Movies: High School Confidential (1958).

  1. walter

    Toby, I agree that Jerry Lee Lewis’ rendition of the song “High School Confidential” during the opening credits of the movie was glorious. What a
    beginning, when you have Jerry Lee Lewis as a hep pied piper of Rock and Roll pumping out “High School Confidential” on his piano on the back of a flat bed truck idling down the street while teenagers are a rock’in.

    HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL! is a well made “Fun” movie of the time. Also, is it a teen exploitation juvenile delinquency movie? Yes, it is most certainly. Prolific producer Albert Zugsmith(Mamie Van Doren calls him Zuggy) unleashed a movie, believe it or not, based on a true crime case of a narcotics agent named Texas Joe Foster whose work undercover in Texas high schools was recounted in the HOUSTON CHRONICLE newspaper and TIME magazine in 1951. The real Texas Joe Foster portrays a henchman in the movie. This is the beatest beat cool and crazy movie of them all, because it is actually a good movie.


    • Couldn’t agree more. As crazy as it seems, Jack Arnold actually delivers a good movie — and that makes all the difference.

      As a teenager, I went Wig City over Jack Arnold, thanks to The Creature From The Black Lagoon and Tarantula. It wasn’t long before I bumped into this one, and it rocked my world. “Tomorrow is dragsville, cats. Tomorrow is a king-sized drag.”


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