Dialogue Of The Day: Goldfinger (1964).

Q (Desmond Llewelyn): Now this one I’m particularly keen about. You see the gear lever here? Now, if you take the top off, you will find a little red button. Whatever you do, don’t touch it.

James Bond (Sean Connery): Yeah, why not?

Q: Because you’ll release this section of the roof, and engage and then fire the passenger ejector seat. Whish!

James Bond: Ejector seat? You’re joking!

Q: I never joke about my work, 007.


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4 responses to “Dialogue Of The Day: Goldfinger (1964).

  1. walter

    Toby, my favorite James Bond movie. I always enjoy this line: James Bond(Sean Connery) asks, “Do you expect me to talk?” Auric Goldfinger(Gert Frobe) replies, “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!”


    • This one is hard to beat. It’s probably the most Perfect of the series.

      My favorite remains On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. While it begs for Connery, there’s something about it that really sucks me in every time I see it. And, not to start an argument (or even a thread), it has John Barry’s best score of the bunch.


      • walter

        Toby, I like ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE(1969), also. I think it is much better than given credit for, especially after many of the lesser Bond movies that followed.


  2. The most classy, suave, and intelligent Bond, from Sean Connery. You didn’t see him getting drunk and losing composure in Goldfinger, did you?


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