DVD/Blu-Ray News #96-A: The Blue Knight (1973).

Directed by Robert Butler
Starring William Holden, Lee Remick, Joe Santos, Sam Elliott, Anne Archer, Eileen Brennan, Vic Tayback, Jamie Farr

William Holden gave some of the finest performances I’ve ever seen — and one of his best has to be Bumper Morgan in The Blue Knight (1973). The mini-series won a few Emmys (including a well-deserved one for Holden), played theaters overseas in a feature-length cut, and spawned the series starring George Kennedy.

Warner Archive has been promising this one for a while, and it looks like it’ll be here before the end of the year.


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15 responses to “DVD/Blu-Ray News #96-A: The Blue Knight (1973).

  1. walter

    Toby, William Holden is one of my all-time favorite movie actors, and he was at his best in the BLUE KNIGHT, which was an outstanding mini series. Holden received an Emmy Award for best actor in a limited series, and he was great as policeman Bumper Morgan. Lee Remick, another favorite of mine, received a Golden Globe Award for best actress in a TV drama, and she was fantastic. Also, watch for a young Sam Elliott.

    Is the Warner Archive releasing the uncut mini series, or a shorter version that was released to movie theaters overseas?


    • gcwe1

      Walter ,WB Archive have a photo on their Facebook page but the running time listed is 188 min .IMDB lists it at 240 min.The TV series with George Kennedy is also supposed to be getting a release.


  2. walter

    Graham, thank you. 188 minutes should be about right for the entire mini-series, because the 240 minutes would include commercials and scenes from the previous episode. Much appreciated.


  3. gcwe1

    Walter ,one site has it up for pre order to be released on the 27 th of this month for the DVD ,but I’ll wait for the BLU RAY . I have Holden’s last film S O B on order and Kino Lorber are releasing THE EARTHLING with hopefully a better scan then the Umbrella release which I have.I am a big William Holden fan.


  4. walter

    Graham, I’d wait for the Blu-Ray also. I am a big William Holden fan, also. We just don’t have stars today of the magnitude of Holden, who was a master actor. I think that he was good in every movie he made, whether the movie was any good, or not.

    I haven’t seen THE EARTHLING(1980) since the 1980’s, but I remember liking the movie, and I do like movies set in Australia. Holden and Rick Schroder got along very well during the filming. Schroder thought so much of William Holden that he named his son Holden.


  5. gcwe1

    Walter,according to IMDB THE EARTHLING run for 97 min and was later lengthed to 103 min.When it was released in the US ,a number of Australian actors voices were dubbed .


  6. walter

    Graham, for the life of me, why are Australian actors dubbed? I have no trouble whatsoever of understanding Jack Thompson in other movies. I first watched BREAKER MORANT(1980) on THE MOVIE CHANNEL in 1985 and did again recently. I understood Thompson just fine.


  7. gcwe1

    Walter ,WB Archive now have THE BLUE KNIGHT BLU RAY up for preorder to be released on 11 th Dec 2018 .I’ll have to wait a little longer until Importcds or one of those sell it.Apparently ,Kino say THE EARTHLING will include both the theatrical and International versions which will be good.The other day I received SOB and although I didn’t think all that much of the film ,it was good to see Holden.


  8. walter

    Graham, I’m with you on S.O.B.(1981). I first saw it when it was released and haven’t seen it since. I realize that writer/director Blake Edwards was making a satirical statement about “bad” Hollywood, but it was no SUNSET BOULEVARD(1950).

    I did like writer/director Blake Edwards’ WILD ROVERS(1971), which starred William Holden, Ryan O’Neal, and Karl Malden. It is a really good Western, in my opinion.

    I wish Holden had lived long enough to act in the Western DIME NOVEL SUNSET with his best friend Glenn Ford.


  9. gcwe1

    Walter,WILD ROVERS was hard to get on DVD,but I have it now .I also have the soundtrack from Film Score Monthly which includes alternate tracks and a song sung by Ellen Smith called Early Morning which was not used in the film ,but a nice song.Ellen ,I believe was Jerry Goldsmith’s daughter.Speaking of Glenn Ford,I watched HEAVEN WITH A GUN the other night.


  10. walter

    Graham, I didn’t know that Jerry Goldsmith had a daughter who was a singer, although I shouldn’t be surprised. Another music score that I always liked is Goldsmith’s score for BANDOLERO!(1968). After viewing the movie, I went around whistling the main title tune for weeks.

    I like HEAVEN WITH A GUN(1969) and Glenn Ford is one of my all time favorite actors. It was Ford’s last movie for MGM, after 14 years with the studio. The King Bros. had bought the rights to the story in 1955 and Gregory Peck was attached to the movie project for years. In 1963 Peck was reported to be reading the screenplay, which had been written by blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo. Although, Richard Carr was attributed to the final draft in the movie’s credits.


  11. gcwe1

    Walter,you were right about the running time for THE BLUE KNIGHT .WB Archive confirmed it to me today.I was worried that some footage may have been left out,but not the case.It has been ordered and is being shipped to me,so I may have it before Christmas .I also asked about the George Kennedy series of the same name,but no answer was given to me,but I believe it’s in the works .Gee ,I certainly have a lot of Holden’s films.


  12. walter

    Graham, you can’t get much better than William Holden. Holden was one of the all-time greats. I don’t know of anyone, today that can hold a candle to him.

    Thanks for the information, it’s always appreciated.


  13. Walter,THE BLUE KNIGHT arrived and I watched it last night.Good transfer and a great film.Holden appears in just about every scene.


  14. walter

    Graham, that is good news about THE BLUE KNIGHT(1973). I remember that William Holden was really good in it. Holden was good in everything he did. I watched ESCAPE FROM FORT BRAVO(1953) again recently, and enjoyed it once again.


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