Blu-Ray News #201: The Mole People (1956).

Directed by Virgil Vogel
Starring John Agar, Cynthia Patrick, Hugh Beaumont, Nestor Paiva, Alan Napier

Boy, the good news keeps on coming. Scream Factory has announced The Mole People (1956), coming to Blu-Ray in February 2019.

This is one a lot of the Universal monster nuts complain about, but I love it as much as an adult as I did as a kid. It’s really stupid, it’s fun, the monsters are cool. It’s got a great cast — you can’t beat John Agar and Nestor Paiva. And Reynold Brown cranked out another masterpiece for the posters. Can’t wait!


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6 responses to “Blu-Ray News #201: The Mole People (1956).

  1. Kevin Coon

    Good news indeed!!!


  2. john k

    Shout Factory seem to gaining the rights to any Sci-Fi Monster Movie
    that they can get their claws on. They seem to have multi deals with
    most of the studios untangling complex rights when they arise.
    They have just announced Lew Landers’ RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE
    and Hammer’s THE VENGEANCE OF SHE.
    Such a huge amount of Hammer titles suddenly appearing in high-def.
    I like many others feel that the studio lost much of it’s edge when it
    moved from Bray to Elstree and THE VENGEANCE OF SHE is a prime
    example of this.
    Never mind,there will be plenty of people who will welcome this title in
    high def. I may be wrong but I think Fox own the USA rights and
    Studio Canal for the UK.
    There are other Studio Canal titles fans are very keen to get especially
    LUST FOR A VAMPIRE,which I feel is a lesser fang fest; but there is
    certainly a market for these later efforts.
    I would have thought Kino Lorber might have nabbed THE MOLE PEOPLE
    (I have the German Blu Ray which is very nice indeed) especially
    with their newly minted deal with Universal.
    It’s only a matter of time before other missing 50’s Universal titles
    turn up in high def,namely THE DEADLY MANTIS,THE THING THAT
    As mentioned on a previous thread MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS on
    Blu Ray is released by Koch Germany in January.
    I only wish that fans of classic Westerns had embraced the Blu Ray
    format to the extent that Horror/Sci Fi fans have-especially considering
    the huge amount of these type of films that keep getting released.


    • I’d love to do a commentary for Curse Of The Undead — or Deadly Mantis for that matter.

      Been on a real Hammer kick of late, thanks to all these new releases. (Plus, my daughter becoming a gigantic Star Wars fan has added an extra Peter Cushing fan to our household.)

      I’m really stoked about Dracula – Prince Of Darkness from Scream Factory. There’s a lot about that one I really like.


  3. john k

    Yes,plus the fact it’s the only Hammer Dracula in widescreen
    A couple of unreleased Hammer oddities I’d love to see get released
    BREAK IN THE CIRCLE…Spy stuff with Forrest Tucker and Eva Bartok
    THE STEEL BAYONET…Sam Fuller type War Movie in black & white


  4. walter

    THE MOLE PEOPLE, I used to see this movie quite frequently on the Channel 3 WREC-TV EARLY MOVIE during the 1960’s and ’70’s. I really think it is a good movie, fact is better than good. It is one of Universal-International’s science-fiction pleasures, made during the 1950’s. Along with the other 1950’s movies that John K brought up. I personally like these much more that the later Hammer movies of the 1970’s. I first saw DRACULA; PRINCE OF DARKNESS(1966) when it premiered on the CBS LATE MOVIE in 1973 and I liked it. Late at night was the perfect time to watch a Christopher Lee Dracula movie.

    Toby, thanks to you and John K, I manage to keep up with what company owns the rights to what movies, and which company is releasing them, and in what shape, or form they are in. To me this is interesting information. Thanks a lot.

    Over on the Fifties Western site, John K brought up movies about international intrigue and, or the expatriates in a back-lot exotic locale types of movies. Well, when expatriates in exotic locales are mentioned, I can’t help but think of two in particular, if you are also in the mood to watch classic psychological breakdown movies. SORCERER(1977) and LE SALAIRE DE LA PEUR(1953), which here in the USA is called THE WAGES OF FEAR. I first saw SORCERER on the big screen in 1977 and WOW! what an intense journey. This movie was a reworking of THE WAGES OF FEAR and I first viewed it on a VHS tape in 1991. I Liked it as well. Although, if you are in a down mood, watch something else.


    • Walter, you’re a man after my own heart. Sorcerer is one of my all-time favorites films, which I saw opening day here in Raleigh, NC. You’re right, it was an intense experience.

      It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I have a totally obsessive blog dedicated just to that movie — Check it out sometime.


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