What’s furniture doing in a blog about old movies?

You can get this thing on Amazon right now for a little over 50 bucks. It holds 531 DVDs or 630 Blu-Rays. I’m pointing this out because with all the terrific stuff released or announced lately, we’re all gonna have some storage issues.

Look at the Hammer horror pictures that have come out, or are coming, from Warner Archive, Scream Factory and Mill Creek. That’s some serious shelf space right there. Then there’s Universal 50s monster/sci-fi stuff coming from Kino Lorber and Scream Factory. The Thing (1951) from Warner Archive. A great-looking Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956) from Olive Films. Forty Guns (1957) from Criterion. And that’s just getting started.

This is a great time to be an old-movie nut. Seems like every day we’re finding out about something else making its way to our HDTVs — thanks to the companies I mentioned above, along with others like Indicator, Arrow and VCI. So, as you deck out your house for the holidays, think about where to put all these wonderful old movies.


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