Blu-Ray News #208: Noir Archive 1944-1954, Volume 1.

I am so stoked to report on this one. Kit Parker has put together the nine-film, three-disc Blu-Ray set Noir Archive 1944-1954, Volume 1. These are pictures from Columbia and Eagle Lion, and they’ll hit the streets in April.

Address Unknown (1944)
Directed by William Cameron Menzies
Starring Paul Lukas, Carl Esmond, Peter Van Eyck

Escape In The Fog (1945)
Directed by Oscar (Budd) Boetticher
Starring Otto Kruger, Nina Foch, William Wright

The Guilt Of Janet James (1947)
Directed by Henry Levin
Starring Rosalind Russell, Melvyn Douglas, Sid Caesar

The Black Book (aka The Reign Of Terror) (1949)
Directed by Anthony Mann
Starring Robert Cummings, Richard Basehart, Arlene Dahl

Johnny Allegro (1949)
Directed by Ted Tetzlaff
Starring George Raft, Nina Foch, George Macready

711 Ocean Drive (1950)
Directed by Joseph M. Newman
Starring Edmond O’Brien, Joanne Dru, Otto Kruger

The Killer That Stalked New York (1950)
Directed by Earl McEvoy
Starring Evelyn Keyes, Charles Korvin, William Bishop

Assignment Paris (1952)
Directed by Earl McEvoy
Starring Dana Andrews, Marta Toren, George Sanders

The Miami Story (1954)
Directed by Fred F. Sears
Starring Barry Sullivan, Luther Adler, John Baer

Look at those casts! And those directors — Mann, Boetticher, Sears! This is going to be a great set, with the promise of more. I urge you to pick one of these up — the success of this one will lead to more!



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9 responses to “Blu-Ray News #208: Noir Archive 1944-1954, Volume 1.

  1. Kevin Coon

    Thanks for the heads up!!! I hadn’t heard about this. A day one purchase for me!!


  2. john k

    I believe most,if not all of these films appeared on Sony’s MOD series
    I’ve only seen two of these JOHNNY ALLEGRO and 711 OCEAN DRIVE;
    both very good films.
    The Sony MOD DVD’s were always remastered in high definition so on
    Blu Ray this set should look sensational.
    I’m pretty sure sales will be good enough to justify other volumes.
    I hope future volumes include the two Gordon Douglas crime thrillers
    Very interesting that Kit Parker now has access to the Columbia vaults
    and a Whistler set would be most welcome.
    Furthermore,for future releases there are plenty of Sam Katzman’s
    Noirs/Crime Thrillers directed by the likes of Fred F Sears and William


  3. John

    George Montgomery westerns like THE TEXAS RANGERS and CRIPPLE CREEK would be great.


  4. Jerry Entract

    A great lineup of noir films. Hope it’s affordable to import as this looks like a ‘must have’!


  5. Mike Richards

    I guess this will come from VCI. A few years back Amazon UK sold many of their DVDs, l was able to buy many westerns. Unfortunately Amazon have cut way back on imports, especially VCI, so this exciting release could be too expensive.


  6. Texican

    Volume 2 has been announced and is up for pre-order.


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