DVD/Blu-Ray News #210: Detour (1945).

Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer
Starring Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake, Edmund MacDonald

Detour (1945) is a cheap little noir picture from Poverty Row. So why is Criterion bothering with it? Because it’s also one of the finest examples of film noir out there — and maybe Edgar G. Ulmer’s best film.

For decades, Detour‘s many devotees have suffered through horrible video transfers that make it look even more low-rent than it really is. In some ways, it’s the perfect picture to get Criterion’d.

There’s some controversy about just how quick, and cheap, Detour was actually made. But regardless, Ulmer did his usual very much with very little. Fatalism drips off the screen. Ann Savage is without doubt the worst femme fatale ever — and Tom Neal is the poor sap she squashes like a bug.

This is a terrific, crazy noir picture — and it’s as essential to human existence as oxygen. Coming in March.


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4 responses to “DVD/Blu-Ray News #210: Detour (1945).

  1. john k

    Love that “oxygen” comment Toby,you really have been watching too
    many Noirs lately.
    Whoever in their wildest dreams thought we would be getting films
    like DETOUR remastered in 4K
    Film is even more fascinating if audiences know something regarding
    the backgrounds of leading players Neal and Savage.
    One things for sure 2019 is looking like a bonanza year for Noir addicts
    and it’s not even begun yet.
    Apart from DETOUR there’s the two Joseph H Lewis films from Arrow as
    well as PHANTOM LADY,and if that’s not enough there’s also that great
    sounding 9 film set from Kit Parker mentioned a few threads back.


  2. walter

    Talk about in your wildest dreams, how about Bert Greene’s brush with Lawrence Tierney, which makes me think of writer/director Felix Feist’s THE DEVIL THUMBS A RIDE(1947). Don’t you just love that title! Has this RKO RADIO PICTURES psycho hitchhiker gem ever been out on DVD? Tierney is at his meanist and Betty Lawford(Peter’s cousin) is another hard-edged hitchhiker to rival Tierney.


  3. Barry Lane

    When you think of Edgar Ulmer’s best films, think The Strange Woman, Ruthless and Pirates of Capri.


  4. I love The Naked Dawn (1954).


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