Jungle Jim.

I’ve been wanting to dive into Sam Katzman’s Jungle Jim series, but have been waiting for someone to put out a set of all 16 pictures (released from 1948 to 1955) and the single-season TV show. That hasn’t happened, and the single discs are way too expensive and take up way too much shelf space.

Figure this summer is a good time to take em on, along with the Bowery Boys. First will be Johnny Weissmuller in either Cannibal Attack (1954) or Jungle Moon Men (1955), a couple of the later ones.


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3 responses to “Jungle Jim.

  1. john k

    What a lovely shot of the Jungle Jim jigsaw puzzle….I would sure loved
    one of them as a kid.
    I too would like a Jungle Jim collection or at the very least six of the
    best (or worst;whichever way you look at it)
    William Berke got things started directing the first 6 or so-Harry Cohn
    considered Berke the best B Movie director in the business.
    I would love a collection of those Berke-Russell Hayden-Bob Wills
    Westerns,man,those things move like rockets!
    William Berke,like fellow directors Kurt Neumann and Fred F Sears passed
    away at a pretty young age,he had 4 films released in the year of his
    passing (1958) most released posthumously.
    I think the same happened with Sears and Neumann the latter passed
    away before his mega smash THE FLY was released.
    I’ve been meaning to catch up with Berke’s Noir Thrillers COP HATER
    and THE MUGGER made at the tail end of his career.
    I have seen STREET OF SINNERS with George Montgomery and
    it’s very good,an interesting combo of JD drama and Noir.


  2. John Hall

    There’s some really bizarre movies in the JJ series. George Reeves steals the first film as a charming villain and entries like MARK OF THE GORILLA, JUNGLE JIM IN THE FORBIDDEN LAND and KILLER APE have some horror movie elements. I wish Mill Creek would jump on a set of these.


  3. Walter

    John Hall, I wish Mill Creek would get it together and give us Johnny Weissmuller as JUNGLE JIM. I’ve seen every movie and TV episode of this series. Good old WREC-TV Channel 3 Memphis, Tennessee would show these movies and TV show on Saturday afternoon. This brings back good fun entertaining memories. Talking about bizarre, don’t leave out PYGMY ISLAND(1950) with Ann Savage, Billy Curtis, Billy Barty, and Angelo Rossitto. Also, JUNGLE MOON MEN(1955) with Jean Byron, Helenne Stanton, Myron Healey, Billy Curtis, and Angelo Rossitto.


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