Blu-Ray News #263: House By The River (1950).

Directed by Fritz Lang
Starring Louis Hayward, Lee Bowman, Jane Wyatt

Another great filmmaker heads to Republic Pictures after getting the shaft by the majors — and knocks one out of the park.

Like Orson Welles and John Ford, Fritz Lang found Republic a friendlier place to make movies than the major studios had been. His House By The River (1950) is a terrific period noir/melodrama with incredible cinematography by Edward J. Cronjager. It should be stunning on Blu-Ray from Kino Lorber (we’ve seen Kino’s beautiful transfers of Republic pictures). Coming in January 2020.

I’m a huge fan of Lang’s Hollywood movies and it’s great to see some of his more obscure pictures, like this one and Moonfleet (1955), make their way to Blu-Ray. Highly recommended.

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One response to “Blu-Ray News #263: House By The River (1950).

  1. john k

    I must admit,reading this announcement I got rather excited thinking
    that Kino had revived their Paramount/Republic deal therefore looking
    forward to another wave of Republic films on Blu Ray.
    Sadly,however according to Kino’s Facebook page this title has been
    licensed from France’s Lobster Films.
    Lots going on from Kino;I see that they have as a future release
    COSH BOY (The Slasher) arguably the greatest J.D.Movie ever made.
    The thought of a film as obscure as COSH BOY on Blu Ray is indeed
    While Kino seem to have given up on traditional American Westerns
    they seem to have found a prime market in Spaghetti Westerns.
    I read with interest that they have a trio of second string Spaghetti’s
    which has generated an enormous amount of interest on their Facebook
    page in terms of not only “likes” but comments too.
    THE HELLBENDERS has Joseph Cotten who I always disliked in
    American Westerns,besides the fact the film is in 1.85.
    ALL Spaghetti’s should be in 2.35,or more to the point Techniscope.
    Sergio Corbucci’s THE SPECIALIST stars French Rocker Johnny
    Halliday and does not even have an English soundtrack,’though Kino’s
    release will have English subs,at any rate this does not seem to have
    deterred the fans.
    Last but not least is KILL THEM ALL AND COME BACK ALONE,
    like the other two is presented in a brand new 4K remaster.
    I must admit I do have the Koch German version of KILL THEM ALL
    AND COME BACK ALONE and for me it’s the finest quality on Blu Ray
    of a Spaghetti Western that I’ve ever seen,.The Kino edition should look
    sensational as the film is visually very impressive-Techniscope makes
    all the difference.
    If only a similar market existed for traditional American 50’s Westerns.


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