RIP, Michael J. Pollard.

Michael J. Pollard
(May 30, 1939 – November 20, 2019)

Michael J. Pollard, who’d receive an Oscar nomination for his role in one of my favorite movies, Bonnie And Clyde (1967), has passed away at 80.

He was terrific at creating endearing, oddball characters in pictures like Little Fauss And Big Halsy (1970) and Melvin And Howard (1980). And it was great to see him back with Warren Beatty in Dick Tracy (1990).


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2 responses to “RIP, Michael J. Pollard.

  1. Nick Beal

    Obviously very sad to hear about the passing of Michael J. Pollard. A fairly minimal career but one that briefly gained iconic status thanks to his appearance in BONNIE AND CLYDE. Also led me to reflect on how perceptions may have shifted from Sixties notions of romantic banditry perpetuated by kookie, misunderstood social misfits. In THE HIGHWAYMEN, a stunning 2019 take on the Bonnie and Clyde legend, the outlaw couple are depicted as amoral sociopaths that revel in and are shielded by the misguided adulation of a downtrodden Depression-era rural populace. They are subsequently hunted down by two grizzled Texas Rangers (played by Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson in two standout performances) who are called out of retirement when Hoover’s newly formed FBI are unable to cope with the killing spree. The two old cowboys and a posse of hard-bitten local sheriffs hold no illusions regarding their quarry and take them down remorselessly. Would highly recommend THE HIGWAYMEN to Hannibal 8 and also Fifties Westerns readers. This one deserves to be better known.


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