Blu-Ray News #269: Day The World Ended (1955).

Produced & Directed by Roger Corman
Starring Richard Denning, Lori Nelson, Adele Jergens, Mike Connors, Paul Birch, Jonathan Haze, Paul Blaisdell

Scream Factory just keeps coming up with the gold! They’ve announced a March Blu-Ray release of Roger Corman’s Day The World Ended (1955). It’s got Corman directing — his fourth time at bat. It’s got a perfect B-picture cast — Denning and Nelson are both veterans of the Creature movies and Adele Jergens is always terrific. Plus, it’s got a great Paul Blaisdell monster, which he plays. What more could you want?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: seeing these cheap movies get the white-glove treatment on Blu-Ray makes my heart feel good. Glad there’s enough demand to make such efforts worthwhile — wish 50s Westerns had a fanbase of the same size (or, no offense, willingness to part with their money).

Not sure what the extras will be, but given Scream Factory’s track record, it’ll be quite a haul. And it’ll be a treat (maybe a grainy one) to see it in its original Superscope framing. Highly, highly recommended.

UPDATE: Evidently, that March date was announced too soon. No official release date has been given, but it’s coming — and that’s good news indeed!



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10 responses to “Blu-Ray News #269: Day The World Ended (1955).

  1. john k

    Had problems posting yesterday….let’s see how this goes!

    DAY THE WORLD ENDED is one of the very best of the early Cormans.
    To see it in high def in all it’s Superscope glory is more than a dream come
    Hopefully this means that Shout Factory will have also unlocked the other
    Arkoff titles.
    All that remains now is for the other AIP titles to finally be leased from
    Susan Hart…’s hoping.
    It would be really cool if Lori Nelson could contribute to the commentary.
    In the UK DAY THE WORLD ENDED was paired with THE PHANTOM
    FROM 10,000 LEAGUES and provided a life line for struggling “flea pit”
    cinemas-the major circuits felt such fare way beneath them.
    The program was billed as “The Show That Shocked America”

    Could not agree more with Toby regarding the dwindling 50’s Westerns
    fan base or more to the point their unwillingness to splash the cash.
    Even as recent as 2017 the amount of 50’s Western releases has
    dwindled dramatically.
    Already the Sci Fi Horror fans are chomping at the bit for this to hit the


    • There are lots of us out there hoping Susan Hart will come to an agreement with somebody over those pictures she controls.


      • Mike Richards

        Who is Susan Hart, and connection with AIP films ?


      • She’s an actress and James H. Nicholson’s widow. She was also The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini.

        When Nicholson & Arkoff went their separate ways, they spilt up the AIP films they owned outright. Day The World Ended is from Arkoff’s stack.

        The Nicholson stuff (which went to Susan when he died) includes It Conquered The World, Invasion Of The Saucer Men, I Was A Teenage Frankenstein & Werewolf and The Amazing Colossal Man. She’s been contacted about video rights many times over the years, but she wants more money than anyone is willing to pay. If I won the lottery, Susan would be one of the first people I’d call!

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  2. John Hall

    I recently watched this on Amazon Prime and it looked great. Neat to see Tom Steele (doubling Richard Denning) and Dale Van Sickel (doubling Mike Connors) revive their Republic serial days in a fight scene.


  3. Mike Richards

    Toby, thanks for the detailed reply, much appreciated. All l can say is, l hope she has the masters in a safe place.


  4. Mike Richards

    I remember buying both Bonnie Parker and Machine Gun Kelly on UK DVDs about 10 years ago, or more. They weren’t top quality and definitely not any form of widescreen. They were cheap price, and found in budget shops market dealers. There was also an Arkoff Collection series on sale at same time, cheap and average quality. Probably all public domain films in UK.


  5. nicholas krisfalusy

    with now THE ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS finally on Blu Ray, I REALLY want to see, IT CONQUERED THE WORLD(1956) on BLU RAY!! love that film hoping Susan Hart will have a HEART and give the ok!! not to be so greedy!! we baby boomers wont live forever!! More 50’s SCI FI to blu ray! like WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE(1951)


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