Blu-Ray News #271: Underwater! (1955).

Directed by John Sturges
Starring Jane Russell, Gilbert Roland, Richard Egan, Lori Nelson, Robert Keith, Joseph Calleia, Jayne Mansfield

This is gonna be terrific. Warner Archive is bringing John Sturges’ Underwater! (1955) to Blu-Ray, preserving its Superscope framing.

Of course, the appeal of this one back in ’55 was Jane Russell in a bathing suit (though I don’t think Howard Hughes engineered her outfit this time). It was promoted with a premiere showing that was actually held underwater. If you thought 3-D glasses were uncomfortable, how about an aqualung?

Not sure when this thing is coming, but boy am I glad it is. Highly recommended.


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3 responses to “Blu-Ray News #271: Underwater! (1955).

  1. Bert Greene

    Like “Great Day in the Morning” (1956), this is one of those late RKO’s that was in desperate need of a remastering. Very glad to see it get attention. Warner Archives has a stellar track-record with their blu’s, and it’s always nice to see one announced that interests me to get. Because I really don’t have too many of their Blu-ray offerings. I have TONS of their mod-dvd’s, but not many blu’s. It’s probably due to my vintage B-movie tastes and the nature of Warner’s film library that these things often don’t intersect enough for me, I’m afraid.

    Always exciting to hear what the restoration teams are working on, though, and the news about “Mystery of the Was Museum” (1933) is really heartening, and I’m looking forward to its potential release. Also hope they can get around to the great western-themed drama “The Wind” (1928), with Lillian Gish, so I can finally retire my late-1980s VHS tape! But back to these later-era RKO’s they could work on, I’m sure there must be quite a few other candidates. I wish we could see the Benedict Bogeaus films addressed, but I don’t believe they are a part of the Warner library.


    • Warner Archive is aces with me all around. Of course, some movies look better than others, but that’s the way it goes with older films.

      They’re Blu-Rays are terrific, the only downside that they haven’t gone back into their previous releases as deep as I’d like — Rancho Notorious, Carson City, The Outfit, Slither and on and on.

      But the most important thing about them, is they seem to know the movies pretty well and they listen when fans/collectors say what they want. Other video companies should follow that lead, they’d see better results.


  2. john k

    It’s a shame that Warners don’t own the Bogeaus/Dwann titles,
    especially SILVER LODE which is important enough to warrant a
    Criterion restoration.
    Warners do however own the Westerns DEVIL’S CANYON,TENSION AT
    TABLE ROCK and TREASURE OF PANCHO VILLA so here’s hoping.
    I’d love to see the latter title on Blu in all it’s Superscope glory.
    ‘Though I have not watched the entire film yet Warners Blu Ray of
    GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING looks wonderful in 2.0 especially after
    years of horrible vapid 4×3 TV versions.
    UNDERWATER is a long way from the top of my wish list but having
    said that I feel that I must support this release because of the 2.0 ratio,
    the fact that it’s a “last gasp” RKO film and the new 4K restoration.
    I like the “something for everyone” credo of Warner Archive and I’ve never
    found one of their Blu Ray releases less than stellar.


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