Blu-Ray News #286: The War Of The Worlds (1953).

Directed by Byron Haskin
Starring Gene Barry, Ann Robinson, Les Tremayne, Jack Kruschen, Henry Brandon

Here’s one we’ve all been waiting for. The Australian label Imprint has announced a brand new 4K restoration of The War Of The Worlds (1953), coming to Blu-Ray on May 27.

This is one of the films caught up in the widescreen push of 1953-54. Wonder how it’ll be presented? Sounds like it’ll be piled high with extras. Not sure about its Region status, but this will be essential.



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2 responses to “Blu-Ray News #286: The War Of The Worlds (1953).

  1. john k

    If Universal owned WAR OF THE WORLDS and WHEN WORLDS
    COLLIDE and CONQUEST OF SPACE they would have appeared years
    back on Blu Ray and not leased to Kino,Shout Factory or anybody else.
    I really don’t know what Paramount’s problem is in holding back the
    release of prime catalog titles.
    To add insult to injury WAR OF THE WORLDS is not even a domestic
    At least the other majors have released sure fire selling titles themselves
    or leased them to the likes of Kino to name but one.
    Glenn Erickson noted recently that Paramount have not even bothered
    to give high profile hit ALFIE the Blu Ray treatment….unbelievable!
    Furthermore most of the majors have released Westerns in their back
    catalog featuring major stars-if they haven’t released them themselves
    Kino have stepped in.
    Paramount have still not bothered to give domestic Blu Ray releases to
    such high profile Westerns as LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL,SONS
    Finally it begs the question WHY is WAR OF THE WORLDS being
    released in Australia and not by,say Shout Factory.
    Yes,Toby this is an essential release (at reputedly 1500 copies you’ve
    gotta be quick) but Paramount’s dire attitude to their classic catalog titles
    does leave a somewhat sour taste in the mouth.


  2. john k

    Jeepers Toby…….every time I check in at the H8 and FWOTF I just
    know my bank balance (what’s left of it) is gonna be knocked for six.
    With a bit more research it would seem this new Australian label Imprint
    are going to seriously rival the UK’s Indicator with high quality transfers and
    Not only do we get WAR OF THE WORLDS but two other key Paramount
    movies making their Worldwide Blu Ray debut.
    Firstly,and this one I’m really stoked about-is I MARRIED A MONSTER
    Also there is the classic Noir SORRY WRONG NUMBER
    Imprint seem to have been able to do what nobody else seems to have
    done make an amazing deal with Paramount for much sought after
    catalog titles.
    These Imprint editions ain’t cheap they market for around $35 AU which
    for UK readers works out about £18.00.
    As mentioned before this is working out to be a very expensive year.


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